11 Paths to Your Spring Fashion Awakening

Even though fashion month did not appear as it had in previous years, the industry as a whole rose to the occasion. Some sacrifices were made, but creativity in spring fashion was not one of them. There were a few socially distant shows, tonnes of stunning look books, and live digital experiences that felt lightyears beyond their time It’s natural to feel completely lost in terms of what went down on the runway this season due to the absence of social media coverage and excitement, but lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re here to fill you in on.

We sifted through all of the collections to compile a comprehensive list of the season’s most noteworthy spring fashion trends that you need to hop on for your spring fashion awaekening.

This year will be filled with desirable pieces that fit into how we want to dress right now while adding some new twists. This includes anything from luxurious house slippers that can be worn almost everywhere to slouchy suits that can weather a day of back-to-back Zoom calls to redesigned athletics that will become your uniform this year. So, what’s the best part? You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to shop for our favourite spring fashion trends. Instead, continue scrolling to discover the ones we can’t get enough of.

This modernised version of strappy shoes might make your heart skip a beat.

The new floss heels are a whole new take on floss heels, with unique embellishments like toe loops and straps winding around the foot. Is there a style that you’ll remember? The three-toe loop sandals from Matthew M. Williams’ inaugural collection at Givenchy are set to be the It shoes of next season. Oh, and you’ll want to wear these with tights or socks, just like the models on the runways did.

Bubble Gum Bubblicious

Consider your childhood, when candy was a common food group in your diet, and Bubblicious Bubble Gum was one of the most popular sweets on the menu. I’m sure the nostalgic flavour comes to mind right away, but it’s the indelible hue that I’m here to talk about with you today. That particular bright pink turned out to be one of the significant colour trends in the spring fashion collections, believe it or not. The colours ranged from bright to dark, but the overall tone was reminiscent of the traditional bubble gum we all used to eat as kids.

Miniature Mins

There are miniskirts, and then there are the barely-there, little minis all over the Spring fashion runways. These are reminiscent of the ’90s spring fashions that were notably photographed on the decade’s leading supermodels for the Versace campaign in 1995. Designers like Miu Miu and LaQuan Smith have reintroduced them this time in enticing vivid hues and prints that we can’t get enough of.

String Theory (G)

Built-in G-strings are a new, very risky trend that will swiftly elevate your pulse rate and your style in seconds flat. No thongs are hiding beneath these garments, but the design gives the impression that there are. Designers created skirts, pants, and dresses that make it appear like your underwear has been dragged up from behind your garments and thrust into the spotlight. Givenchy’s shockingly low-back dress is one of our faves, but designers like Sandy Liang and Dion Lee provided more approachable versions for those of you who aren’t quite ready to reveal all.

Long Lengths

We seem to be talking about the latest edition of the choker or statement earring season after season. Still, there’s a new jewellery trend for spring fashion that every fashion insider will want to wear: lengthy necklaces. There were numerous interpretations on the trend, from large, sculptural pendants at Jil Sander to suspended figurines at Bevza to layers of chains and pearls at Chanel. Still, one thing was clear: it’s all about the draped jewellery look.

Slippers for the House

Sure, house shoes were originally worn at home, but we’ll be wearing them just about everywhere now according to designers. Plan on making these cosy shoes a permanent part of your collection, from fuzzy slippers to braided leather slides to clunky platforms. Wear them with your favourite sweatpants, but also with flowy skirts and slouchy tailoring, as seen at Molly Goddard and Balenciaga.

The Sports Authority 

Remember when track pants were one of the most popular and widely worn fashion items? They’re back, along with a slew of other sports looks that ruled the catwalks. Bike shorts, athletic sunglasses, hoodies, and the beloved tracksuit are essential characters in this overall sports motif. Consider this a start in a new direction for your loungewear collection, as leggings and pyjamas appear to be sticking around for a lot longer.

A bareback

No, we’re not talking about a modest cutout or a simple dip—this spring, backs are officially designed to be entirely exposed, and it’s one of the most excellent trends of the lot. Givenchy’s more formal crystal-adorned versions and Nanushka’s more pared-back take on the revealing trend are essential to note. Victoria Beckham proved breezy spring fashion dresses don’t have to be dull thanks to this new gorgeous embellishment. Christopher John Rogers astonished us with brighter than ever stripes in a cosy ribbed knit material.

Casual Business

Likely, the frequency with which you enter an office this year has drastically diminished, if not altogether ceased. As a result, the overall trend in suiting and tailoring has drifted away from rigidity and clean lines and toward more flexible, informal designs. Designers from Louis Vuitton to Michael Kors have officially stated that the new era of suiting is here, and it’s nothing like we’re used to, with incredibly relaxed pants, sloppy blazers, and untucked everything.

The Second Layer of Protection

Second-skin tops were a prominent layering trick on the runways, and we couldn’t overlook them. Tie-dye, tattoo prints, and reimagined logos abound on the skin-tight tops, which will have you reconsidering your standard turtlenecks and tees. Holey turtlenecks were employed as unusual layering items underneath knits and wrap coats in Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ first collaboration collection for Prada, where they were a significant trend.

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