12 awesome coworker gift ideas


12 awesome coworker gift ideas: As the adage goes that friends are the family you choose. Similarly, coworkers are the relatives that the mysterious powers of capitalism have selected for you. Show your coworkers that they’re special, respected, and more than just “work buddies” with these gift ideas, whether you’re still seeing them in person or just seeing their faces on Zoom. with things becoming digitalised. People working remotely, it becomes all the more necessary to make your coworkers feel special and motivated in such hard times.

These little gestures like coworker gifts keep the workers connected and the office. I have been fortunate in this regard. I never really got the chance to meet my boss and coworkers in person amidst this pandemic, but I have always felt connected to them via the love I have been receiving in the form of gifts. Whether it is a special occasion or a festival, you can give your coworker gifts that are thoughtful and useful at the same time. 

12 awesome coworker gift ideas

We provide 12 such office gift ideas for co-workers that make them feel super special and a part of the company even if they are not there in person. Let’s have a look at some of the fantastic gifts for co-workers that will make you know each other better and more like a family.

  1. Customised coffee mug– how about a coffee mug with their name on it or, much better, your and their picture together so that they are reminded of the special bond that you two share whenever they use the cup. With a personalised touch to the gift, it becomes more valuable and gifting a customised coffee mug is an excellent idea to start their day with the coffee in the unique coffee mug.
  2. Succulent plant– this is another thoughtful gift that can be given to your coworker to add to the beauty of their desk place. This will make for a lovely decor piece for your coworker’s desk and connect you with greenery. The desk will feel like an oasis with this tiny, low-maintenance herb.
  3. Sustainable stationery- you can gift your coworker some sustainable pens and coloured pencils. With the cute packaging and super quality, the pens and pencils are made of recycled papers and are plantable. The shavings of the pencil can be used as compost. And even better the envelope that contains the pencils and the pens are also plantable. The pens also have small cups containing seeds of different fruits and vegetables which can be planted once the pens are over.
  4. Scented candles- They’re French, elegant, and utterly delicious to smell. If your coworker or boss is a little posh and enjoys smelling nice, you can’t go wrong with signature scented candles. They come in different fragrances to suit each and everyone’s needs. It has a crackling fire scent, is entirely gender-neutral, and comes in various styles, from the classic glass with a white logo to more seasonal green and black glass pots.
  5. Eye mask– you can gift your coworker an eye mask that will provide them relief from the long hectic day at the office. They can sleep with it, and the cooling sensation of the mask will give them much-needed relief to their eyes and reduce the puffiness around the eyes. There are a variety of eye masks available these days in different colours and patterns. Pick something quirky and relatable with their personality and see them flaunt it with pride.
  6. Desk organiser– A dazzlingly bright desk tray that transforms even the most mundane office supplies into something fascinating, if not artistic. A splash of their favourite colour could be just what your coworker needs to keep them motivated during the day.
  7. Wellness box– A health basics kit that includes a face mask and a reusable water bottle. As part of a broader health and wellness package, this is an excellent gift box to give to your colleagues who work remotely. They’ll appreciate getting the supplies they need to stay healthy and even feel better.
  8. Custom magnets– A simple magnet with funny and awkward photos of your coworker, boss, or whole team printed on it. They’ll enjoy having a good laugh every time they go to the fridge.
  9. Desk frame– A simple frame for displaying your best group photo, maybe from a recent team-building event or company retreat. Its completely transparent architecture would fit in with your coworker’s current decor, regardless of where they want to view it.
  10. Daily planner– gift your coworker a quirky and colourful planner where they can record all their important events, plans and dates. They can keep themselves organised and keep their meetings and appointments placed in one place.
  11. Business card holder- The leather business card holder is ideal as a gift for friends, family, or as a corporate accessory. A business card holder is very light, holding approximately 25 name cards or credit cards, and slim enough to fit in your blazer pocket or even a small purse, making it easy to carry on the go. The ideal present for someone who is constantly networking.
  12. Wine glasses- Are you looking for the ideal gift for your coworker best friend? You’ve come to the right place. This wine glass is possibly self-explanatory. There’s nothing like a glass of wine for gossiping and whining about work.

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These ideas will assist you in selecting the right office gift for your favourite coworker on every occasion. So begin preparing and constructing your gift so that you can see that heartfelt smile on their faces.
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