13 Easy Ways To Wear The Puff-Sleeve Trend

From haute couture fashion shows to our local streets, the puff-sleeve trend is everywhere and there are no signs of slowing down. In fact, in the last year, chic design details have gone from “moments” to solidifying “full-time” residency in the fashion industry. From well-known designers to online fast fashion outlets, everyone has followed the puff-sleeve trend.

Although the statement sleeve may seem a bit overwhelming at first, the puff-sleeve trend is very easy to pull off. You can stay relaxed and choose dresses – H&M sells denim staples, and & Other Stories is perfect for interesting floral designs. Pair your favorite mom jeans with a simple cardigan or pullovers; Stores like Zara, Anthropologie, and Monki have some good spring options. For those who want to dress more, there are many puff sleeve tops on the street, from classic white poplin shirts to colorful patterned tops.

The puff-sleeve trend first appeared as a tailor-style detail in the historical period of the Renaissance, and appeared on the clothing of royals and ordinary people. In modern times, the puff-sleeve trend made a comeback in the 1980s, and since then, they have appeared in many incarnations of fashion, excess, or minimalism. Whether on the catwalk or on the red carpet on the street, you can catch a glimpse of the fluffy sleeves wherever you go, making this beloved style the norm. Over time, designers have reinvented puff sleeves in many interesting fabrics (such as sweaters, georgette and organza), and adopted various patterns and prints. Short sleeves, full sleeves, dresses or jackets, you can add a puff sleeve, thus giving a new approach to the puff-sleeve trend.

If you are a puff-sleeve trend’s fan, here are 15 easy ways to rock them 

1) Maxi dresses

Puffy sleeves are attention-getting. A style element that can stand up to a huge sleeve is essential if you want to balance out your sleeves. A maxi dress’s floor-length silhouette optically balances out the drama at the top and adds to the entire look’s impact. H&M has some pretty good puff-sleeved maxi dresses with discounts that come and go. Download Wispri’s price drop extension to get notified whenever there is a price drop alert. 

2) Textured clothes

When it comes to a voluminous feature like puffy sleeves, texture is your best friend. This is demonstrated by the structured blouse from the Brock Collection Spring 2020 presentation. The overall flounce of puffy sleeves is reduced when the cloth is heavier. As a result, you won’t appear to be a windswept sailor. Organza sleeves or structured cotton will give you the rigidity you need to manage your style and tone down the often uncontrolled puffiness of big sleeves. 

3) A belted dress or top 

If you don’t style puffy sleeves appropriately, their eye-catching volume will overwhelm your outfit. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to calm down the upper-body drama: just tighten your waist. By incorporating a waist-defining feature, you may enhance definition while keeping the focus on the overall design. A cinched waist is a wonderful shape-defining feature. The Mara Hoffman Spring 2020 collection is a fantastic illustration of this.

4) Sheer fabric

Let’s face it, puffy sleeves are like tiny balloons on your shoulders. If you’re afraid of too much volume, a sheer puffy-sleeved garment is a great way to get into the style. Because the fabric is translucent, the puffy sleeves have a delicate contour rather than a full-on opaque sphere on your upper arm, resulting in a less dramatic overall effect. 

5) Bold prints

A puffy sleeve and a bright pattern may appear to be way too much at first glance, but when done well, they may be the surprise pair you never knew you needed. The two work together to provide drama and bring the focus back to your entire ensemble rather than one piece in particular. 

6) Jumpsuits 

Similarly to a highly feminine maxi dress, a jumpsuit with puffy sleeves has the lengthy silhouette needed to balance out all the volume at the shoulders, but with a distinct mood. Jumpsuits are a bold choice, so pair them with a quirky feature like puffy sleeves for a flexible style that fits for every occasion.

7) Basics

Puff-sleeves are a great way to dress up your everyday essentials with their eye-catching form. Choosing patterns with modest puff or balloon sleeves is all it takes to turn everyday fits like blouses into show-stoppers.

8) Knitwear

If you believe it’s difficult to stack puff-sleeves, think again. To incorporate the style into your knitwear collection, just choose puff-sleeve jumpers and sweaters. Layering season has never been more dramatic in terms of adding drama to your cold-weather outfit.

9) Boiler Suit

Opposed to a utilitarian suit,  the boiler suit has a romantic air thanks to the puff sleeves. It appears to be quite stylish and refined.

It may transform a drab utilitarian suit into something more stylish and enjoyable.

10) T-Shirt

The simple T-shirt is elevated to a date-night outfit with the addition of statement sleeves. Wear with boot-cut jeans and leopard-print heels for a splash of colour and pattern. Download Wispri’s price drop tracker to get notified whenever there is a price drop alert.

11) Faux Leather Top

The puff-sleeve trend is taken to the next level with details like notch lapels and double-breasted button closures. Combine it with a lovely skirt and a pair of simple shoes and you are ready to go. 

12) Little Black Dress

Little black dress paired with the puff-sleeve trend can not go wrong. A 9-to-5 LBD can transform into a night-out item thanks to the puff sleeves. Pair a classic cherry-red slingback pump with a little black dress for a sexy night out look. 

13) Cardigans

Mono coloured cardigans paired with denims are one of the best casual day outing looks.

A puffy sleeved cardigan can make your outfit go from casual to preppy. 

By the looks of it, the puff-sleeve trend is here to stay for a long time. Style it using these 13 tips to elevate your look to either formal, casual or an evening outfit. 

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