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Everything you ever wanted to know about price drop alerts

How many times has it happened to you that you purchased a dress online and regretted it later when you see the same dress price dropped after a week? It happens most of the time, and then we think that we should have waited or come to know about the price drop and bought the dress at a lower price. The question is, how can one know about the best deal and get the best offers. 

Well, once again, just like in everything else, technology comes to your rescue again in the form of Price drop alerts. 

Price drop alerts help the visitors to subscribe to the alerts about the price drop of a product. The subscribers receive email notifications or SMS notifications (depending upon whatever was chosen) when the price of the product drops. 

Assuming that you have already got an idea of what price drop alerts are, let us look at the next set of important stuff about the same. The immediate one is- Why do you need Price Drop Alerts?

Why do you need price drop alerts?

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The simple answer is- to save money. Now, if you are an impulse buyer then a price drop alert may or may not work for you but if you are someone who is okay to wait, a price drop alert is a boon!

A lot of b2c websites have price drop alerts’ mechanism inbuilt and a lot of others partner with relevant plugins. However, there is a third category- price drop alert websites. A typical price drop alert website sends a notification via email and/or web push notifications when the price of the product falls. This helps you save your money and time and shop smartly. 

We all know that these days, the competition is simply crazy, and hence all the e-commerce websites, keep coming up with some or the other discount to ensure that their customer sticks. As a consumer though, it is difficult to go and check every website and that is where a price drop alert website comes in- helping you know about the deals immediately as they come up!

How does the price drop alert website work?

Price drop alert websites allow you to subscribe to the price drop alerts of the product of your choice. The website will notify you as soon as the product’s price drops, and the shopper will receive a notification informing you about the change. Now the shopper can go back to the website and purchase the product that they have been waiting or looking for. The moment you are done with the purchase, you can simply unsubscribe from the alerts or you can set the alert for another product- all up to you! 

It’s that simple!

Benefits of price drop alerts

Benefits of price drop alerts

While saving on time and money is definitely the biggest, let us look at all of them in detail below:

  1. A price drop alert enables the customers to get the latest updates about the prices.
  2. Even from a B2B perspective, companies can subscribe to or partner with a price drop alert website to give out the best deals at all times. 
  3. For a consumer again, you can set up multiple alerts at a time and buy the products as and when there is a good deal at the offer.
  4. Most of the price drop alert notifications come with a link to the purchase page of the respective website. This again saves you from installing multiple apps on your phone. Your purchase essentially becomes just one click away.
  5. Plus, the spam gets reduced. Since you do not have to subscribe to each and every website for the deals on the offer, your inbox becomes reasonably light!


Price drop alerts come in handy to keep track of the best deals and prices on the products you are willing to purchase. It saves your time and money considerably by telling you about the best of the offers on the products. A price drop alert website (like Wispri) comes in handy for the same and why? Well, that was something we explained in the blog earlier.

So, long things short, are you still going to look out for the offers, or does subscribing to Wispri sounds good? 

The Section we Cannot Do Without- How Wispri Helps!

Wispri helps in simplifying the process for its users and makes their shopping experience surreal. Wispri keeps track of your favorite products (a thing you tell us while setting the alert) and informs you via email notifications when the product’s price drops. 

The cherry on the cake is that it is super easy to use without much effort. All you need to do is enter the URL of your favorite product and well, that is pretty much it! Whenever the price drops, you will be informed about it immediately, and you can then seal the deal (or wait further, all depends on you). It does your work of looking for discounts on different websites and saves your time.  To know more about price drop alert click here.

So, that was that! See you soon! Our Chrome extension is Now Live: Download it from

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