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Why do you need to Set Up Price Drop Alerts?


Price Drop Alerts: How many times has it happened with you that you have left an item or product because it was too pricey? Many times, of course. 

It might sound weird when we put it out like that, but it is common for people to wait for that product’s price to lower so that they can purchase it. But what if the price falls and you do not come to know of it, and the deal goes out of your hands. We know you just remembered the last painful time that happened to you!

However, in such situations, price drop alerts can come to the rescue. How though? That is what this blog is about but before that, let us look at a few stats! 

According to a study, 67 percent of customers shop by jumping from one store to another to look for the best deals and discounts. Most shoppers browse through the website and buy nothing because the product is out of their budget or do not see enough value. 

This way, websites and companies keep losing customers and then even capital when they engage in retargeting campaigns. We can now talk about the sell-side of it, but this blog, in particular, is about the buyer side! So, let’s go!

What are price drop alerts?

What are price drop alerts

The price drop alerts aim to notify the customers about the price of the products as and when any change happens. This feature conveys the information to the users in a fraction of seconds, saving the customers time and ensuring that they do not miss out on the deals. 

The customer has the convenience of subscribing or unsubscribing for receiving price drop alerts for the products. Price drop alerts help to increase conversion and promote better engagement using web push notifications. 

Why set up price drop alerts?

There is vast competition in the e-commerce business nowadays. This competition is good for the customers because they get a better deal. However, it becomes challenging for users to check the prices of the products on different websites. It is practically impossible to review every possible e-commerce site to check for the price and the deal. There are just so many combinations and so much to choose from that if one goes through all of them, they would eventually not shop!

A Price drop alert website, though, gives you a better deal! Whenever the product’s price drops, the users receive a notification via e-mail or SMS (if they have subscribed to the feed of the said price drop alert website). 

In most cases, the subscription works for a particular product only. If you need an alert for a different product, then a resubscription will be required. Also, yes, the subscription is free in most cases, so relax!

Benefits of price drop alerts

Bebenefits of price drop alerts

The e-commerce price drop alert feature has a host of benefits for both the company and the buyers. The benefits of price drop alert website include-

  1. Price drop alerts help the websites to boost their sales.
  2. The firms, as well as individuals, can create alert templates according to their needs.
  3. The e-commerce price drop alert also enables the price drop alert for all the products at once (Something that we at Wispri do if you tell us what your favorite product categories are).
  4. The price drop alerts will keep the customer updated about the prices- the very basis of existence, but we had to mention it because we cannot emphasise enough the importance of SAVING MONEY!!
  5. Users can also unsubscribe from receiving alerts once they have made the purchase. This means no more spams or ads about the products that you have purchased already.
  6. As a customer, you can also get the link to the product in the e-mail for which the price has been dropped. So, you just click on the link, and voila- purchase is made!


Price drop alerts are quite helpful tools to keep track of the best deals for market products. It helps to understand the price that the customer is willing to pay for a particular product. It helps gain the customer’s trust and loyalty and provides them with the best deal and offers. The price drop alert website makes it convenient for the customer to be updated on the changes in prices or price drop without visiting the e-commerce websites. Besides this price drop alert service you can also try our guide to online shopping.

How to get a better deal with Wispri?

With so many deals dropping in every day and so many price drop alert websites, Wispri helps simplify its users’ process. Wispri monitors your favorite product and sends you an alert when the product is at the price which the customer wants. 

It is super easy to use, as well. 

All you need to do is enter the URL of your favorite products, sit back, and wait for the price to drop. We at Wispri use web crawlers to monitor the price changes on different websites and look for the product until it hits the price you want to purchase.

And while all of this is something that we have been doing, we are also working towards tying up with your favorite brands to bring in exclusive deals for you!

So, what do you do now then?

Subscribing to our Price Drop Alert feels like a good step, to begin with!!

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