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Valentine’s Day gift guide

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide if you’re trying to save money!


Valentine’s Day gift guide

Valentine’s Day gift guide – Although we do gift our special ones all around the year on account of their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, or any other special occasions, we always do something special for the V-DAY. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you have either not found the perfect gift or are out of budget. In no time, the Day will kick in, and you would want to gift something special for that particular person in your life. Whether it is your partner, mother, father, siblings, or anyone, gifts are always special and make one smile after all.

The best news for you is that you can now plan to gift an expensive gift and that too with the best price as you would get the price drop alert that would make you give the best gift under a budget.

Making the Most with Price Drop Alerts and save money this Valentine’s Day!


Our all-time favourite gift, be it for him/her is a watch. Gifting a fabulous timepiece is a win-win for both of you. Though smartphones control our lives and one does not necessarily require a watch for keeping an eye on the time, many of us still enjoy watches, be it for regular use or fancier occasions. Watches like the olden days are no longer dull and have various designs more like jewellery and sets one a class apart. Just a fabulous timepiece can add such elegance to our outfit it seems to be a perfect gift for your Valentine of course.

What’s the deal here? Well, you can list out the watch of your choice on Wispri and get a price drop alert whenever there is one. 

Pieces of jewellery

jewelry as valentine day gift

Quite a few of us love wearing jewellery, gold and stylish, and it gives a different look to everyone. Thus, finding out what type of statement pieces your Valentine adorns is the key. Since jewellery is expensive, spending money that your special one will never wear can be a massive waste.

If gold ones are not the kind of jewellery your partner loves, there are silver ones that seem to dominate the market these days. There is some classic and gorgeous silver jewellery that your partner can go gaga about! Just find out from which website you want to gift and get that gold/silver piece(s) with a price drop alert from Wispri.


Oh, how can we even forget that no special day is complete without a box of chocolates! A significant percentage of the world’s population loves having chocolates and a box full of chocolates is like heaven for those chocolate lovers. But what about those diet concerned people? You can gift the best of chocolates which are sweet and delicious and also get a bonus with it- Love potions! Isn’t that sexy and cool at the same time?

Make sure to know what types of chocolates your partner loves as there are many various sized boxes of chocolates with compilations and flavours. Known from where to buy them and set the price drop alert to gift the favourite one.


Who doesn’t want a romantic ambience when coming to spending some quality time with your loved one? One of those things that seem to go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day is candles. Buying them won’t even make your bank empty. There are various types of candles, and it even becomes hard to choose which one to get. We have some of the best candles that you want to gift your Valentine for that special night:

  • Paraffin, beeswax, or soy candles
  • Votive, taper, tea light or pillar candles
  • Single or multiple wick candles
  • Essential oils infused candles
  • Aromatherapy scented candles according to moods
  • Decorative candles

Buy any of these candles that can uplift your and your partner’s mood and make the night more romantic. Keep the candles away from anything flammable though and make sure to trim the wicks. After all, you will not want to ruin your romantic evening and spend the Day with the fire department. Remember to set in price drop alert to get the favourite candle of your partner’s choice.

Games for two

Having a good time can be anything of your and your partner’s choice, and it can playing a game together to spend your V-Day. Apart from the classic games, there are also some theme cards and board games that you can try gifting your Valentine. You can also even order a romantic box that includes games and game ideas inside for a fun surprise.

These games try to incorporate romance and humour or straight romance, so choose games that fit you and your partner’s style, as who doesn’t want to play! 

But yes, remember to set the price drop alert to get the best games at a budget-friendly price.


Because, why not? Shopping lingerie should achieve one main objective- It should make your partner feel exceptionally special. Though it can be daunting, various sites help you choose the most gorgeous and sexy ones that too at great prices. To get your partner this special gift, always set a price drop alert and gift him/her the sexiest one.


books as valentine day gift

Romanticism need not always be the dinner, the party, or having a great time, but it can also be sexy to your partner to cuddle up with a good book by the fire if he/she is an avid reader. In this case, get them some new books that can be the best Valentine’s Day gift.

You can also gift your partner a subscription box for books in case he/she loves reading books and makes him/her happy. Books prices can go up and down on various sites, thus to get the books in the best possible price set in the price drop alert always.

Warm cosy gifts

The last in our most cosy gift for Valentine’s Day are warm and cosy gift items such as a pair of warm cosy slippers, fuzzy socks, scarf and hat or a cosy blanket.

Know what your partner likes the most and get these items as they can be a great gift for him/her and shows that you care about their comfort.

Scarfs and hats are also a great gift, and they are available in various styles. Gloves can also be a different yet significant addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe and can also make a good Valentine option. 

In the end, one would love to curl up with their loved one next to a romantic fire. It not only sets the mood but also acts as an icing on the cake. Make sure to go for a large size so that it can comfortably fit both of you and remember to set the price drop alert in Wispri.


While you can get these great items locally but when you are running short of time and don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, be smart enough to get the gifts from the websites of your choice. While there are various sites with different price listings, Wispri helps keep track of all your favourite products and monitor the price of them from time to time. What do you get? – The best deal, of course! 

Wispri notifies the product’s price drop alert and repeatedly keeps an eye on the discounts. It thus makes shopping stress free and saves your money too.

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