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What are Different Types of Shoppers

8 Different Types of Shoppers


The word shopping is enough to bring that bright smile to a dull face. But there are different types of shoppers. There might be some who would love exploring, then you might see ones who are quite impatient, and there might be some who would like to shop for particular things. Have you ever wondered what kind of a shopper you are? Reports show that a handshake, the shoes we wear, and even our handwriting tell a lot about us. However, science now claims that the way we shop reveals quite a lot about our personalities.

When people go shopping, one or both of their influential shopping personalities emerge. Your shopping languages are such personalities. If the salesperson can communicate with you in your native tongue, it becomes almost incidental to the overall experience. Let’s say you think of shopping as a kind of retail therapy. You have no reservations about whether you do “need” the product and whether or not you can afford it. This may indicate that you are an emotional or impulsive shopper who is also emotional or impulsive in other areas of your life. Isn’t it fascinating? Don’t you want to know what kind of shopper are you among all the different types of shoppers? If yes, this is the blog for you!

8 Different Types of Shoppers

According to a report published in the Journal of Market Research, consumers are divided into intuitive shoppers who want only necessary information about a product before purchasing it and data-driven buyers who wish to all the specifics. When it comes to shopping styles, there are 8 different types of shoppers, which can be linked to different personality types. Continue reading to learn what your shopping habits say about you as an individual.

8 Different Types of Shoppers

1. The systematic shopper

When you go shopping, you follow a set of steps before finding the ideal product at the right price. This could include visiting several stores and cross-checking labels and prices before finding what you’re looking for. People who shop in this manner are typically meticulous, careful, and skilled at long-term planning and goal-setting. They are all excellent business mates, faithful associates, and employees.

2. The reliable shopper

You know where your favourite stores are, and you’ll be found there. You’ve signed up for daily rewards and other loyalty cards, and you’re planning to shop to earn points. Such people are dependable, well-organized, and adhere to a set of goals in their lives. They are also excellent at rationalizing and analyzing circumstances and determining what works best for them, whether at work, in relationships, or in their free time.

3. The exceptional shopper

Probably the rarest among all different types of shoppers. You keep up with the latest trends and only buy the best brands. If you need shampoo, go to your hairdresser rather than the store. Your garments are from more upscale department stores. Royal Canin pet food is the only pet food your cat or dog can consume! This indicates that your image and people’s perceptions of who you are are essential to you. You prefer to devote a significant amount of time and energy to achieving the kind of life you’ve always desired, whether it’s through work on your job, home, wardrobe, body, or social life.

4. The online junky

You wouldn’t go shopping if you didn’t have to. It is much more convenient to shop online since it is faster, simpler, and more convenient. Such people are progressive and forward-thinking, and they are still up to date on the latest developments and technology. This is a community that includes many Gen Y and Millennials.

The online junky

5. The scrimping shopper

One of the best types among all different types of shoppers you are still getting the best deal. Sales, offers, and discount programs are your thing, and getting what you want or need at the best possible price gives you a unique thrill. This generally indicates that you are a lateral thinker who is skilled at negotiating and persuasion. You are not easily tricked or manipulated by people or circumstances, and you prefer to live your life with a “small effort-maximum outcome” mentality.

6. The frivolous shopper

Shopping is a chore for you. You’re in a rush, so you go to the store only when you have something specific in mind, approach it with intent, and select the first item that fits your needs. If you want something, you buy it right now, regardless of whether you have the cash on hand. Isn’t that exactly what credit cards are for? If you identify with this shopping style, you are a doer, an individual who takes action, and most likely a pragmatist.

7. The leisure shopper

Shopping is like a hobby or a pastime for you. On weekends, you go shopping, and on weeknights, you watch Netflix while searching online shopping pages on your phone or tablet. These individuals are generally impulsive, seeking immediate gratification, and easily distracted. Though they are innovative and good at multitasking, they are not the best partners, employees, or friends. They are quickly motivated and swayed by the next positive thing that comes their way. (Different Types of Shoppers)

8. The checklist shopper

You never purchase something that isn’t on your shopping list. When you shop online, you want to add items to your shopping cart and wish lists. People who shop in this manner are also great leaders. They should make a list or schedule and stick to it in the letter. They are also organised, punctual, and skilled at managing parties, holidays, and activities. (Different Types of Shoppers)

The online shopper and scrimping shoppers making it simple through Wispri

With now understanding the kind of shopper that you are, you have become quite sorted. And how about a bonus for online shoppers and scrimping shoppers? Cool, isn’t it? Wispri is here to help you with it. Wispri allows online shoppers to set a price for a product they want and receive notifications when the price declines. This price-tracking engine uses web crawlers to track and report price shifts on your favourite shopping pages.

Wispri aims to help consumers save money by allowing them to spend what they want on items they enjoy. Wispri uses machine learning to keep track of a product and notify you when the price drops to a level you like. It’s as simple as creating an account, entering the product URL, and setting a price. Wispri saves you the time and effort of looking for offers and deals regularly. The engine will keep a close eye on your product, so you can relax and wait for the price to drop. You won’t have to look for decent offers any longer with Wispri. Simply add your product to the watch list, and you’ll get price drop alerts when it becomes available. Your wish is the price at Wispri. You can also read our online shopping guide to get a comprehensive idea about shopping tactics!


Now that you are aware that which kind of shopper you are out of different types of shoppers, it will help you in becoming a more successful shopper. When you have a good understanding of how you function, you can work with it — and, more importantly, work against it when necessary. The Greek adage goes, “Know thyself.” The Greeks were right on the money in commerce, and they are still right on the money in e-commerce today. Knowing your style allows you to work with it and, when necessary, override it. When it comes to online shopping every shopper like to have price drops information. To know how to get price drop notification on Amazon clicks here.
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