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How to dress boho in the winter?

Layering is the key to staying warm in the winter. Layer comfortable knits, cardigans, and outerwear over your favourite dresses, skirts, and jeans to dress boho. One of my favourite aspects of wearing chic bohemian clothing is mixing vintage and current trends to create a unique look.

Wearing more layers of clothing will give more levels of protection, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come across as frumpy. To get you through the season, mix designs and bold pieces like a thick winter coat.

Boots: In the winter, wear warm boots to protect your feet from the weather. Keep your toes warm with ankle boots, knee-high boots, combat type boots, and reserve the sandals for summer and spring.

Dresses in the Midi and Maxi Lengths: To adapt from season to season, wear basics like a long-sleeved top under your favourite bohemian dress. But, want to dress boho and take your looks  to the next level this winter? For the ultimate dress boho vibes look, dress in oversized knitwear and a flowy skirt. Neutral tones and thick knits are also favourites.

Boho Style In Winter 

Pile On The Layers

Layering is one of the most recognisable characteristics of bohemian fashion. And you can take advantage of this during the winter. The possibilities are endless when it comes to layering chunky sweaters and cardigans over long dresses, a thick wool jacket over graphic blouses, and a maxi skirt over toasty leggings. Not only will this help you achieve the ideal appearance to dress boho-chic, but the extra layers will also keep you warm.

A word of caution: when it comes to layering, you must be strategic in selecting apparel. If you’re on the shorter side, too many layers can make you look like you’re drowning in your garments. Wear heels to compensate for this by adding inches to your height.

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Strappy sandals are without a doubt the ideal footwear to dress boho. When it’s cold outside, however, they’re not particularly useful. So this winter, bring out all of your footwear to dress boho. It’s the ideal season to wear them: ankle boots, cowboy boots, knee-length boots, and various other styles.

Knee-length boots with jeans, ankle boots with long dresses, and maxi skirts are just a few of the fashionable winter wardrobe combinations. For running errands, combat boots and biker types are ideal, while sheepskin ankle boots keep you warm at home or at work. These are not only useful, but they also add to your appeal to dress boho-chic.

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Swaddle In Chunky Knits

Wearing bulky knits – cable knit sweaters, high-neck sweaters, long-line knitted sweaters, and so on – gives everyone a warm, snug sensation. They’re excellent for keeping you warm, but they’re also a wonderful bohemian accessory. You can wear them alone with slacks, jeans, or a skirt. They can, however, be creatively styled over long dresses or worn underneath jackets and coats.

When wearing an oversized fluffy knit on top, it should go without saying; maintain the bottom section slim-line to avoid looking huge or shabby. A long-line cardigan worn over a dress and belted at the waist gives you a polished and stylish look.

Add Outwear To Your Outfits

Outerwear not only adds a touch of class to your ensemble but also keeps the layering motif going and, most importantly, keeps you warm and safe.

Oversized wool coats, faux fur jackets, raincoats, and denim jackets are classic winter pieces to dress boho. You can wear them with almost any outfit and still look stylish.

Colourful ponchos and capes are also fantastic accents to your bohemian winter ensembles.

Best Accessories to dress boho in Winter

The most essential thing in the winter is to be warm and safe. 

However, this does not preclude you from accessorising your clothing. 

Consider the choices below.


Scarves keep you warm and lend a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain ensemble. With a large scarf wrapped loosely around your neck, you can’t go wrong. An infinity scarf or a long knitted scarf with tassels is a great way to finish off your look.


Summer bohemian outfits are synonymous with floppy straw hats, but they work just as well in the winter. After all, you need to stay cool while protecting yourself from the winter sun. It’s also the perfect time to break out your beanies this season. This piece of headwear has a really calm and elegant vibe to it.

Wear a headband if you’re worried about messing up your hair or if you sweat a lot. Knitted and woollen headbands may keep you warm while also looking fashionable.

Socks/leg warmers

In the winter, you can always wear jeans or maxi skirts. Adding socks to your winter dress boho appeal is another option to up the ante on your look. We’re not talking about the plain, thin socks; we’re talking about the knee-length ones with lace trims.

When worn with skirts or dresses, these socks or leg warmers look fantastic. When paired with knee-length boots and peeking out at the top, they’re also relaxed and lively.

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Bohemian fashion is highly adaptable and caters to a wide range of tastes and needs. As a result, it’s a terrific way to ring in the new season while still looking put together for any occasion.

You may make your ensembles very own while spreading the dress boho fashion’s essence because it does not follow any restrictions. Finding the correct pieces to layer, staying warm while looking attractive is the key to achieving the perfect winter dress boho aesthetic.

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