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What are some street style fashion brands?

From local streetwear icons to up-and-coming brands dedicated to making a difference, there’s something for everyone.

Even before the events of 2020 prompted us to take a closer look at the creatives and businesses we decided to support, the Australian fashion sector was making big statements about why it is currently one of the most exciting settings in global style.

From BIPOC and Indigenous-owned brands highlighting Australia’s seemingly endless depth of diverse creative talent to labels that have come to define our own street style fashion in ways that have caught the world’s attention, we can never be reminded enough of the wealth of talent that exists right here in our backyard.

As a result, with more and more consumers selecting to buy for value and worldwide brand appeal, we decided it was about time to take a closer look at the companies we should be supporting to assist the next generation of creatives with more significant impact than ever before.

As a result, not only will our creative ecosystem thrive, but so will the communities they seek to champion. Here are some of our long-time favourites, as well as some recent discoveries.

Alto Clothing Co.

Alto Clothing, founded by two Sydney-based creatives, has evolved from an actual bedroom-based enterprise to become one of our street style fashion scene’s most dynamic and agile forces, demonstrating a unique flair for grasping the street style zeitgeist the time. Keep up with their collections, though: they don’t last long. You can avail the best prices on your favourite Alto Clothing products by setting up a price drop alert on Wispri.

Butter Goods

Butter Goods has risen to prominence in recent years, transitioning from a focal point of Australian skate culture to a global champion of Australian street style fashion, with its releases gracing the likes of Justin Bieber, to mention a few. However, authentic skatewear mixing Australiana with the cultures of 90’s Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul music is still created by the Perth-based business. Track and avail the best prices on all butter goods products with a price tracker website like Wispri.

Clothing The Gap

Clothing the Gap is a social venture that sells street style fashion to help its parent company, Spark Health, fund health promotion and community engagement projects. Clothing the Gap’s objective is to create conversations and bring people together over fashion and Indigenous problems by creating Mob-only and ally-friendly clothing.


HoMie is a streetwear-led social movement that offers disadvantaged young people a means of employment and a path off the streets. It was founded in 2015 by two Melbourne natives, Nick Pearce and Marcus Crook, with the broad goal of reducing the stigma around homelessness. Since then, it’s grown into one of Australia’s most strong street style fashion voices, with upcycled partnerships with brands like Champion a hallmark of their collections.


PassPort built its name in Australia’s skate scene by channelling the laid-back culture of skaters, brewers, and creatives in the Sydney Inner West. It is now making waves by collaborating with other businesses that share their vision of portraying modern Australiana. Drops like Lo-Fi, a swim and skate shop in Camp Cove, come to mind.

Self-Care Originals

While we should all be focusing more on self-care these days, the fact remains that many sections of the sectors targeted at improving our lives continue to be highly non-representative in terms of who they choose to work with and sell to. Self-Care, a BIPOC-owned line of Wearable Activism that advocates for more diversity and inclusivity in the self-care/wellness business, hopes to change that with a range of street style fashion which includes unisex, spotless garments that convey a universal message of what it should be.


Pelvis began as an underground and irreverent record label for Australian electronic music. Still, it has now evolved into a famous street style fashion brand sold in some of the world’s most fabulous boutiques. In addition, the pelvis is bringing its brash aesthetic across the globe, from Beams in Japan to Bodega in the United States.

Perks and Mini

Perks and Mini a popular street style fashion brand, or P.A.M., has evolved from a Melbourne and Sydney streetwear retailer to a taste-making brand. The team has worked with cult Japanese label Neighbourhood and a slew of other artists. Their outlandish cuts and all-over designs are incredibly cool. For genuine, one of Australia’s heavy hitters

Days Work

Days Work, based in Sydney, doesn’t release music very often, but it’s usually amazing when it does. As the name implies, this firm specialises in street style fashion, hefty cotton t-shirts, and their hoodies are fantastic. It’s also one of Young Franco’s favourite brands.

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