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african fashion

Where can I buy African fashion online?

The fashion world’s ever-watchful eyes have finally begun to shift towards Africa and its rising crop of fashion superstars. African fashion is diverse and beautiful. Some African fashion brands are already well-known, while others are just breaking out – but if Vogue begins talking about African fashion, you know it has arrived on the global fashion scene. This year, we know where we’ll be shopping… Continue reading to learn more about some amazing African fashion brands you can purchase online.

1) Selfi 

Selfi, based in Cape Town, South Africa, creates “ready to wear” apparel for modern women with a strong focus on sustainability. The brand’s name is derived from the word “self,” incorporating elements of South African culture, history, and identity. The lightweight Stone Oval Sleeve Jumpsuit is made of ramie linen and is ideal for summer. The cutout and rounded sleeves enable you to enjoy the summer breeze on a hot day. At the same time, the elastic waistline ensures a comfortable fit. Pair the jumpsuit with vintage sneakers for a sporty day look or dress it up with open-toe shoes. Wispri’s price drop extension is the most efficient way to keep a track on discounts on your favourite website and receive a notification whenever there is a price drop alert! 

2) Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi has an artistic streak in his veins. He was born in Cameroon to a champion boxer father and a “Miss Cameroon” mother and travelled the world with the “Ballet National du Cameroun” before establishing himself as a successful male model for Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Valentino. Following his real calling, he eventually became a household name in the fashion world thanks to his successful couture and prêt-à-porter collections, which perfectly mix African tribal art with Parisian Haute Couture.

3) Kisua

Kisua is a Swahili noun that means “garment” or “suit,” as well as an adjective that means “well-dressed.” When Samuel Mensah, a Ghanaian economist, founded Kisua, he sold all he possessed to fund the site. Today, the company collaborates with modern African designers to create unique capsule African fashion collections, which have been worn by Queen Beyoncé. To produce apparel that stands out, fabrics are selected from vendors throughout the continent. Their cultural traditions are reflected in the colours, patterns, and shapes visible.

4) Cee Cee’s Closet NYC

Cee Cee’s Closet, founded by two sisters, Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo, aims to highlight the beauty of West African patterns via its intricately created apparel and accessories. Their goods are all handcrafted in Nigeria and have a beneficial economic impact on the craftsmen who make them. Download Wispri’s price drop tracker to get notified when there is a price drop alert on Cee Cee’s Closet website.

5) TruefacebyGrace

TruefacebyGrace, based in the Greater Washington Area of the United States, is an online-only luxury apparel and accessory boutique focused on African fashion. Grace Yeboah Ofori, the company’s creator, started her journey in Ghana and came to the United States in 2014. Grace wanted to create a clothing line that would maintain her cultural history while also producing fresh and distinctive designs that would remain loyal to that tradition, and she has had a lot of success as a consequence of her efforts.

TruefacebyGrace’s apparel is inspired by a wide range of African traditions, with a deep appreciation for them and their lengthy history. TruefacebyGrace’s target consumer is someone who values cultural heritage representation via clothes while also appreciating a distinct, modern twist that doesn’t make them feel like they’ve walked out of a time machine.

african fashion
Where can I buy African fashion online_

6) Zabba Designs

“What is the purpose of doing anything if you aren’t having fun?” is what Zabba Designs believes in. Men’s and women’s clothes, headwraps, purses, and accessories from the Liberia-based firm offer a bright and expressive combination of designs inspired by West Africa in the style of clothing seen in the Western world. Customers will be able to discover beautiful African fashion pieces from Zabba that fit a variety of sizes and personalities, with prices ranging from $30 to $500.

7) Afrikrea

Afrikea is an e-commerce site dedicated to the purchase and sale of African-inspired clothing, crafts, and art. The site allows diverse designers, whether of African or non-African ancestry, to create a free online boutique and sell their products directly to an audience who loves and respects original African culture.

The website has a wide selection of African fashion products to look over, and it’s easy to get lost looking at all the wonderful prices.


D’IYANU is an online apparel business founded by Nigerian-born Addie Elabor that specialises in African fashion. The brand name, which combines French and local Nigerian languages and means “from miracle,” was selected in part to represent the company’s blend of African and Western styles.

The company believes that through apparel, individuals may be proud of their ethnic background. The company’s fundamental principles include a commitment to customer happiness, design innovation, and the promotion of a good mentality in the community.


OXOSI has been named the Moda Operandi of African fashion by Vogue. Maki Oh, Loza Maléombho, Bridget Awosika, MaXhosa by Laduma, and Dent de Man, to mention a few, are among the premium designers available on the site. The Yoruba god of hunting is Ochosi. The two Nigerian co-founders of this business acquired their e-commerce platform’s name from here, which delivers items, content, and a community of modern brands.

10) Laviye

Laviye is an African clothing company that aims to provide individuals who are proud of their African ancestry with the appropriate attire to express their inner feelings and be proud of who they are. When you go into a room wearing one of Laviye’s bright and magnificent designs, you’ll be questioned where you obtained such a unique piece. When compared to other businesses, Laviye’s goods have a high level of authenticity since it uses traditional African textiles.  

These are just a handful of African fashion brands. There are so many more unique and diverse brands out there.

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