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What do Fallout: New Vegas clothes look like

Players may uncover some incredible weapons and equipment in Fallout New Vegas. However, the fallout fashion is much talked about. The NCR possesses its classic Ranger armour, while Ceaser’s Legion has its own melee-specific gear.

These armour sets may be found all throughout the Mojave desert. Still, there are a few more unique pieces that provide specific benefits or are just excellent for their archetype. Most are linked to hidden missions or obscure areas across the Mojave and its DLC regions due to their distinctiveness. Not just the armour, but overall Fallout fashion has been modified.

Here are some cool Fallout fashion clothes 

1) Neck Seam Concealer

One of the most obvious aesthetic flaws in New Vegas is the strange gap that runs between your character’s neck and body. It’s most definitely the worst fallout fashion. 

It doesn’t always show up, but it gives the impression that the head isn’t truly a part of the body (which might be the case on a programming level, but it looks awful in terms of realism).

This mod adds a few collars and dog tags that you can use on your characters to make the seams “disappear” by concealing them.

This is a simple, effective, and enjoyable mod.

2) Explorer’s Gear

This Fallout fashion is a one-of-a-kind suit of armour that may be found on Orion Moreno, an Enclave Remnant who can be located in his Sharecropper Farms home. His armour is both light and valuable.

The Explorer’s set has a decent damage threshold of 8 and is just 3 pounds in weight. It also gives a 2 point bonus to the Melee Weapon and Guns skills, making such weapons more effective. It has a unique appearance, a respectable DT, and other benefits that set it apart from other New Vegas goods.

3) Hazmat Suit and Cowl

Because of its weakness, this set of fallout fashion clothes is often neglected, but the advantages it provides to resistance and night vision should not be overlooked.

The Hazmat Suit and Cowl may be obtained at the Hazmat testing field via the Old World Blues DLC, which requires the use of the sonic emitter. While wearing the helmet, gamers will have permanent night vision, allowing them to detect anything hiding in the shadows. At a lightweight 18 units, the armour gives an 11 damage threshold. It also provides 85 poison resistance, allowing players to withstand the poison damage dealt by any high-level Cazador or Scroprian.

4) Wasteland Hoods

In fallout fashion, there are surprisingly few hoodies and masks in the game for a post-apocalyptic setting.

The end of the world is frequently associated with some nefarious characters wearing masks or hiding their faces, right?

That’s why Wasteland Hoods appears to be such a good fit for Fallout: New Vegas.

It introduces four new outfits to the game: two masks and two hoods.

It’s time to be ready for the apocalypse. Similar hoods and masks are available for cosplays! Set up Wispri’s price drop tracker to get notified whenever there is a price drop alert on your favourite product. 

5) Armor Of The 87th Tribe

Players will have to pick which part of the Mojave to bomb at the end of the Lonesome Road DLC if they want to unleash nukes at all. If players opt to destroy Ceaser’s Legion, they will discover Dry Wells, a new locale.

A difficult adversary called Gaius Magnus, a legionnaire wearing the Armor of the 87th Tribe, may be found in this region. This Fallout fashion grants a huge 22 DT, +10 AP, a 3% boost in critical chance, and a one-point gain in Charisma. This hefty piece of armour is definitely one of the greatest late-game armour sets players can get their hands on, despite being locked quite late in the game.

fallout fashion
What do Fallout_ New Vegas clothes look like

6) Tactical Clothing

After you’ve obtained the Type3 bodies, you should consider purchasing the set of women’s tactical clothing.

They’re extremely cool since they seem to match the game’s post-apocalyptic atmosphere by offering a set of “normal” clothes with items that a survivor would need.

After you’ve installed the mod, go to Doc Mitchell’s House and look for the clothes.

This fallout fashion is unique and looks really cool, so anyone who enjoys a cool set of clothing will appreciate this mod a lot. 

7) Elite Riot Gear

This Fallout fashion that is the Elite Riot Gear may be found in the Municipal Building on Third Street in the Lonesome Road DLC. A dead NCR ranger wearing this legendary armour may be found at the top of the structure. It provides 22 DT in armour and 6 DT in helmet. The armour offers 5 additional critical chances, +10 to the Guns skill, +1 Charisma, +5 Speech, +2 Perception, improved night vision when crouching, and a red-tinted version of night vision while indoors while sneaking when both are worn. It’s difficult to argue that this package isn’t the finest in New Vegas because it comes with so many benefits and advantages.

8) Gunslinger Outfit

Okay, so you want to dress up like a gunslinger from the Wild West.

However, you don’t want to appear like Clint Eastwood.

We have got you covered with this Gunslinger Outfit mod, which adds a set of clothing to the game that may be worn by a variety of characters.

This Fallout fashion keeps the western style going, and has some fun.

9) Military Backpack

Do you want to bring a backpack with you?

Why not use a military backpack similar to the ones that were in use in the army before the war?

This military backpack is definitely the coolest Fallout fashion.

The aesthetic of this update is truly enjoyable, and because it was created by a different modder, it deserves its own position here.

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10) Wasters Scarfs

Your character looks great with masks and hoods.

What, on the other hand, appears to be even more appealing? Scarfs!

Travel across the desert with some soft fabric to cover your neck and shield it from the scorching heat.

This will also make you seem quite awesome, so that’s an added plus.

These were 10 kickass Fallout fashion clothes from New Vegas. There are plenty more that are just as dashing. Check out these few mods that have been loved by many!

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