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The Big things in life

The Big Things in Life!

First of all, a huge thank you for being a part of the Wispri fam and taking the time to visit this page. Believe us when we say this- it means a lot to us that you wanted to know about our journey!

As you know, August kept us busy with the End of Season Sales. We hope Wispri Users were excited as well, for they had an advantage. Through Wispri, we were tracking Price Drops across 250+ websites, and hence our users were getting the best of the offers on the products of their choice daily. The alerts skyrocketed during this phase and we had to up our game by bumping up the infrastructure to support this high traffic. 

The backend crawlers were updated too, more on this in our upcoming newsletter

It was the “Sale Time” as we entered the Spring season, many products quickly went out of stock. So, to ensure that our users got this update, we added the “Out of Stock” notification on the dashboard. avoiding many false alerts.

We must thank our fantastic Tech Team for their fabulous effort and quick turnarounds and enabling quick wins. 

Last but not least, and this one is a piece of big big news! We are partnering with a lot of local businesses in Australia to bring you some exclusive deals. You guys have been showing us so much love, and we felt that it was about time we started giving back to the community we have now nurtured!

So, stay tuned for some amazing Wispri Exclusives that will be coming your way soon. Until then,

Keep Shopping – Keep Saving- only on Wispri!

We have got your back, as your next saving is just an alert away.

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