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Top 15 Beard Styles For Men

With their ability to completely alter your aesthetic, beards have become one of the most popular trends among men. To put it another way, every man can have different types of beard styles. This guide to different beard styles has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something tough or more subtle.

beard styles

Long beard styles

With this classic beard style, you can achieve a longer-looking face by carefully controlling the length of the beard. For the best results, let your beard grow as long as possible without trimming it too soon. Once your beard has length and volume, shaping it will be much easier. Then, once you’ve gotten the length you want, trim the ends so that they sit flush against your cheekbones and the longest part is straight across your chin.

Classic beard styles

The classic beard is ideal for those who are dedicated to growing facial hair but do not want it to be unmanageable. Keep in mind that not everyone will find it appealing. To make this classic beard style more contemporary, we suggest getting a youthful haircut to go along with it. Alternatively, for a truly vintage look, style your hair in a side part with a strong-hold pomade.

Short beard styles

The fullness of this beard type more than makes up for the lack of length. It’s perfect for men with round or oval faces who want to draw attention to their cheekbones and define them. To get enough length on your facial hair before shaving it off, even if your beard is short, let it grow for a few months. To keep your beard uniformly short along your jawline, start with the highest setting on your beard trimmer and work your way down until it’s the length you desire.

Bushy beard styles 

The bushy beard adds depth and dimension to your face. A thicker beard will help accentuate your jawline if you want to look more masculine. To achieve this look, use beard oil to keep your facial hair from drying out and to soften it up. A well-groomed beard can also help you appear older. Similarly to a long beard, a bushy beard calls for an equally bushy haircut. When it comes to bushy beards, Joaquin Phoenix’s is one of the best examples because it has both depth and texture.

Egg shaped beard styles

In addition to making your face appear longer and leaner, a soft, rounded beard also helps square faces appear longer and leaner. Before you begin to trim your beard, make sure you have enough length throughout your entire face. After that, gently round the corners to create the illusion of an oval rather than cutting them off at acute angles. The rounded shape will soften angular features like a square chin and a wide bridge of the nose.

Goatee beard styles

A goatee resembles a short beard style. Smaller than a full-face beard, it features all the same styling options. Once your facial hair has grown long enough, adding a goatee is as simple as shaving all but your moustache, chin, and the connecting lines between them. To keep your features defined, shave or trim your hair regularly. However, keeping the hair on your chin longer will help to elongate your face no matter what shape it is.

Biker beard styles

Because of its roots in the biker community, growing a biker beard is an interesting and eye-catching way to stand out from the crowd. In order to achieve a biker beard, you’ll need to shape your facial hair so that it has some extra length on the chin. While the biker beard isn’t a popular choice, Brad Pitt has managed to pull it off.

Black tie scruff beard styles

This look is closer to a short beard than a traditional scruff because it’s trimmed and kept in check despite being short enough to show some skin. It requires a longer period of time without shaving (about four or five days, depending on how quickly your hair grows) as well as a firm touch with the hair trimmer. It’s best if the length isn’t too long so that you can see your skin through your whiskers but it should be uniform all around.

Bald head beard styles

Shaved heads look better with beards because it gives your face more depth. A beard adds character to your appearance by adding texture and helping to frame your face. Even though it should go without saying, you’ll have to figure out what looks best on your face and whether or not growing a beard will work with your shaved head. If you want to know whether or not facial hair is a good idea, the best way to find out is to let your beard grow out. The actor Jason Statham is a good role model for those looking to add stubble to their shaved heads.

Square beard styles

A square beard is the polar opposite of an egg beard in that it keeps more length on the sides to elongate the face and emphasise the jawline. Men with longer, more oval faces benefit from this because it helps to create angles that aren’t present in their natural features. To create length on the sides, grow whiskers as long as possible, then trim them closer to the chin while still leaving some length on the jaw.

Fade beard styles

The beard fade is similar to the top-of-the-head fade in that the length gradually shortens as it approaches your ears. You can create an even more angular line that slims the face and draws attention to your jawline and chin if you start the fade close to your ears or closer to your jaw. It takes more time and effort to fade your beard yourself than it does to shape it, but the angles and lines you can achieve are well worth the effort.

Viking beard styles

The epic battle skills of the Vikings, as well as their beards, make them legendary. A Viking beard is the way to go for men who want a masculine, no-nonsense approach to styling long, thick facial hair. Remember to trim and shampoo your beard on a regular basis to avoid looking like a wildebeest instead of a warrior. Consider Ragnar’s beard style and rock your beard with long locks or a messy man bun to complete the look.

Wolverine beard styles 

Consider it the polar opposite of the Goatee. You should shave only around your mouth and chin as your facial hair grows (or when it’s long enough to trim). Only the corners of your mouth should be covered, not your cheeks or jawline. You should also shave your moustache.

Many bun beard styles

A beard is an effective way to toughen up a manly image. A bun with depth and a beard with masculine elements go well together in today’s style. A fuller, thicker beard adds dimension to a bun, making it appear taller. Instead of shaving your head, go for stubble, which adds dimension and texture while also emphasising your hair’s newfound length. What are some of our go-to combinations like this? Orlando Bloom and Jared Leto, both of whom have man buns that are in proportion to their beards.

Chin cup beard styles

Think of it as a goatee without the moustache: a soft patch of facial hair caressing your chin. Though a bold style choice, a beard on the chin, like any other facial hair, helps elongate the face and emphasise the jawline, especially if you feel yours could use a sharper angle. No matter how short it is (in fact, we do not recommend growing a chin cup too long), the effect is there.

The style of your beard will be determined primarily by the shape of your face and the pattern of hair growth on your head. To begin, determine what face shape you have. Rectangle, oval, square, heart, diamond, round, and triangle are the seven most common shapes. The next step is to determine how quickly your facial hair grows. If you don’t have any hair on your jawline, growing a full beard is pointless. Goatees are a good alternative to beards. Just because you couldn’t rock a full beard in your 20s doesn’t mean you can’t in your 30s doesn’t mean your beard growth will change with age.

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