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Prepping for your No Shave November err Movember

It is that time of the year, the month to be specific, when facial hair takes centre stage, and we get to come together to help a greater cause.

Movember began as a Melbourne, Australia tradition among friends to grow moustaches to raise awareness about men’s health. However, the Movember Foundation has evolved into a global organisation that addresses a wide range of issues affecting men’s health in little more than a decade.

To raise money and awareness for men’s health, men all over the world shave their heads and grow moustaches on November 1st. It’s something some men do simply to get people talking, while others do it to raise money for men’s health causes.

The Movember Foundation raised over $16 million in 2015 alone to fight prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental illnesses, and a lack of physical activity among American men.


When Travis Garone and Luke Slattery started the Movember Foundation in 2003, they were drinking beers and wondering why the moustache had ever gone out of style. With 21 countries participating, Movember differs significantly from No Shave November.

While Movember focuses on growing a moustache, No Shave November encourages men to “grow a beard, cultivate a moustache, let those legs go natural, and skip that waxing appointment” as part of their participation. No Shave November’s participation guidelines are generally laxer. For those who must adhere to a strict dress code at work, “grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable,” and participants who arrive in November with a few whiskers are more than welcome.

However, Movember is more stringent when it comes to the no-shave rules. During November, men are asked to come clean-shaven and concentrate on growing and grooming their moustache. Moustaches are referred to as “nature’s billboard” by supporters of Movember. 

The original goal of Garone and Slattery’s movement was to bring back the stache as a fashion statement. Instead of using it to end conversations, the men decided to use their soup-strainer as a conversation starter.

Prostate cancer and testicular cancer are among the four leading causes of death for men in various countries, while poor mental health and sedentary lifestyles are also addressed. Many men are likely to develop prostate or testicular cancer, while one in four adults has a mental health problem, and more than half of men do not meet the federal government’s physical activity guidelines. The Movember Foundation has raised over $650 million since its inception in 2003, which has been used to support over 1,000 programmes addressing these four issues that are common to all men.

Additionally, people participating in this raise money for cancer research, but instead of limiting it to prostate and testicular cancers, they include all types of cancer. The American Cancer Society, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have all partnered with this non-profit web organisation, which donates no less than 80% of the donations it receives to the participating charities. Grooming expenses such as razors and trips to the barbershop will be covered by participants’ contributions.

Here are on how to keep your beards and moustaches looking sharp and clean throughout Movember:

Balm/oil for the beard: It hydrates and softens the beard while also controlling the production of natural oils and reducing irritation by moisturising the skin from below. Beard (hair) growth is accelerated with regular use of beard oil.

Use beard wax to keep your beard looking great all day long. Use hair waxes that are specially formulated to enhance an elegant mane’s appearance. Beard wax, like balms and oils, serves several purposes, one of which is to groom the beard. The wax can also be used to style your moustache in a strong, simple, and flexible manner. Or, if the moustache is still growing, you can begin to shape it with the twisting method before applying the wax.

Beard Wash: A beard wash is a must-have for men’s grooming to keep their beards soft and shiny. It replenishes the skin below while treating the beard’s coarse hair. It cleans the beard of dirt, dust, beard-ruff, and other impurities (similar to hair dandruff!).

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner: Use a medicated beard shampoo and conditioner to treat minor infections and rashes, and a beard conditioner to prevent beard-ruff, dry or flaky skin beneath the beard

Razors, shears, and combs: November is not the time to trim your beard, but you also don’t want to let it get too long and wild. Choose a well-kept beard by trimming it with clippers and then brushing it clean with a beard comb to remove any dead skin or dandruff. Additionally, beard combing stimulates blood flow to the area.

Beard Colour: A beard colour can make you appear younger, or it can be a fashion statement when worn in conjunction with a coordinating haircut.

Diet: Increasing protein intake and having a healthy diet for hair growth are two critical aspects.

Movember has a strict set of rules, one of which is to remain utterly truthful throughout the month. Make a statement with your facial hair and show your support for an innovative cause!

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