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7 Popular Spring Street Style Outfits Ideas For Women

Spring street style for ladies is a delightfully simple look to attain since it encompasses such a wide range of shapes and styles that it has something for everyone. Which looks, on the other hand, are appropriate for spring? So how can women seem stylish while walking down the street? What kind of accessories can you use? And what street footwear provides a spring to your step? This article examines ten various approaches to develop your unique spring street style. 


This season, prints are all the rage, especially in spring street style fashion. Animal patterns, stripes, geometric designs, and floral prints are all appropriate and can be mixed and matched to create a loud but trendy appearance without concern of overdoing it. If the print is too much for you, add a brightly coloured bag or belt to break it up. Colourful accessories are ideal for drawing undesired attention away from you. Prints should be limited to clothing or accessories, not both, as they will clash. 


One-sleeved tops and dresses, side-split skirts, and even high-low dresses are ideal for adding a street edge to your look. Showing a little shoulder or thigh skin while still looking stunning is a great way to turn heads down the high street. In addition, asymmetrical apparel has an edgy edge to it and is excellent for breaking up the monotony of a straight silhouette


You can absolutely get away with sheer and mesh fabrics now that the weather is becoming warmer. These are ideal if you’re self-conscious about your appearance but want to get a sleek and sultry city style without feeling exposed. Mesh tops will give your spring street style a bit more attitude and will look great with ripped denim jeans or gothic style skirts. Brighter coloured translucent textiles will keep your spring street style ensemble feeling fresh.

Accessories and Footwear

The footwear you choose for spring street style is entirely dependent on the appearance you want to achieve. Sandals or pumps with a bit of detail or embellishment look excellent with dresses and skirts, while spring street style Converse or Jordans look terrific with a top and jeans outfit. Even heeled ankle boots will provide a street-style edge to your look, whether it’s jeans or a dress.

Bags, caps, jewellery, and sunglasses can all help to complete your look. Sunglasses are fantastic for projecting a more sophisticated image while maintaining a spring street style. Bags might be a shoulder handbag, a handbag with short handles, or a clutch bag and should be a contrasting colour to your attire. You don’t want to be overloaded with a large bag that detracts from your stylish spring street style. 

A Loose-Fit Shirt and Loose-Fit Trousers

When you’re running from show to show like Sarah Harris of British Vogue, you want an outfit that’s sleek, elegant, and, most importantly, comfortable. (Paging a loose-fitting shirt and slacks.) Harris wore a loose-fitting button-down that she left open at the top to show off her fashion-forward jewellery, which coincided with back-to-school tailoring.

Harris chose a pastel yellow blouse instead of the traditional white blouse. While it’s a colour we’re expecting to see everywhere come spring, you can follow Harris’ lead and start wearing it now, thanks to the Frankie Shop. Harris added to the laid-back vibe with a pair of ironed black trousers that maintain the tailored look without being overly so. 

Cargo Pants & Neon Knits

Cardigans have gone from bulky garments associated with your grandmother to must-have items in every contemporary shopper’s wardrobe after Katie Holmes was spotted in Khaite’s cashmere twin set. This visitor casts the knit in a new light—a citrus-hued light, to be exact. Hers has a body-hugging fit and matching button fasteners that may be opened and closed as desired. To add fun to the ensemble, pair it with light-wash denim or cargo pants to mix up the textures. 

Denim and a boxy blazer

The approach of autumn provides a reason to dust off those pinstripe blazers that have been sitting in the closet for far too long. One fashionable spring street style icon demonstrates how to start incorporating the jacket into your regular wardrobe, regardless of the season. Make sure the bottom half of your clothing is more streamlined if you choose a boxy shape. Try tying in a pair of narrow or straight-leg jeans to balance out your look’s conflicting shapes. Pair Frame’s Le One Skinny Fit Jeans with a Barena Blazer to achieve this look. 

Bold Sleeves & Block Colors

Colourful prairie-style dresses have dominated Instagram and our closets since the start of cottagecore in Summer 2020. What is its best quality? The fact that it is easy to put on and take off. We recommend combining a Batsheva dress with a black bracelet for a colour-blocked appearance if you’re feeling brave. Then, pair your top layer with patent leather pumps and a shoulder bag for a coordinated appearance.Loungewear meets leather

Everyone should have a leather trench coat in their closet because it may give the appearance of a well-planned look on days when you don’t want to worry about it. This attendee’s burnt-orange trench coat is an example. By alone, this mix of sneakers, shirts, and sweatpants creates a streetwear-inspired style, capitalising on the comfort aspect we’ve gotten accustomed to over the last year. However, when worn with a leather trench coat and more polished accessories such as a Lady Dior Bag, you can quickly upgrade your ensemble for a classy appeal. 

Shirt Dresses with Knee-High Boots

As much as Fashion Week showcases our best clothes, this minimalist dresser illustrates that sometimes little is more. The monochrome look pairs black leather knee-high boots with a new cotton shirt dress, proving that going back to basics is always a good idea. You may recreate this style with a pair of Fendi boots and an Ann Demeulemeester Poplin Shirt Dress.

Tartan Skirts and Bold Footwear | spring street style

In the fall, nothing beats a tartan skirt. Previously, it was all about miniskirts, but we’re opting for knee-length skirts instead of ’60s-inspired designs this season. The way this Brown Check Wrap Skirt plays on the hues of the autumnal season, such as mellow yellows and auburn reds, is one of our favourite things about it. Finish the ensemble with a pair of Hereu boots, which are a cross between traditional Chelsea boots and summer loafers. Bold Blouses & Platform Sandals

Look no further than this London Fashion Week attendee if you want to evoke ’90s style this season effortlessly. The style maverick pairs a brilliant candy pink blouse with the platform sandals that ruled the summer of 2020. The style as a whole, thanks to its bust-bearing construction, pulls off the current cut-out trend. A pair of loose-fitting black trousers will complete this cool-girl look.

Cuts & Accessories with a Twist

Tiffany Hsu, MyTheresa’s fashion buying director, argues the case for dynamic tailoring this autumn. She illustrates that shoulder pads can give your waist a New Look-esque appearance, à la Dior, by pairing a classic jacket from Hungarian-based designer Nanushka with Jacquemus’ slim-fit trousers. She completes the look with Awake Mode’s Top Handle Bag, demonstrating that even the most unusual shapes can be successful when coupled with the proper players.

 We haven’t even scratched the surface here. There’s a lot more you can do based on your personal preferences, style, and situation.  Spring Street style fashion is something you’ll never get tired of. 

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