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8 Luxurious Accessories for Pets

Accessories for pets- We can’t deny it: Dogs make us happy. It is no coincidence that so many people became first-time pet owners during the pandemic when global anxiety levels were at their highest point. We owe it to these beautiful babies to pamper them and gift them the most luxurious accessories possible. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best dog products and custom accessories for pets and for their stylish owners and four-legged friends. When it comes to spoiling your dog with the best, you’ll want to look no further than these top-of-the-line products. 

The Birkin Bag for Dogs

Pagerie’s opulent dog accessories are a must-have for dog lovers everywhere. With removable quilted padding and French-crafted materials of the highest quality, this Babbi harness comes from the same factory that treats and tans leather for other top designers. Stainless steel hardware adorns the classic design, inspired by a horse’s saddle, which is available in three different sizes, what wonderful accessories for pets! 

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Canine Couch

It’s not only men and women who can benefit from a waxed cotton Barbour jacket, but there’s also a way to incorporate the brand’s tartan design and signature fabrics into your dog’s wardrobe. With a removable cushion, this luxurious bed is completely machine washable in all three sizes. The pillowy bed is as practical as it is stylish, featuring high sides for maximum comfort and a low front for easy access. 

One of the best accessories for pets. 

Shoulder Bag That Can Be Customized | accessories for pets

Adding a bespoke pet portrait to Staud’s handbags is the only way to improve them. With a waterproof, scratch-proof topcoat, your dog’s entire body can be painted on this small shoulder bag. Additionally, the custom bag ensures that you’ll never have to leave home without your pet. How cute right? Get this beautiful bag at a discount via Wispri, a website and an app price tracker! 

A Sweater

Nothing beats a pooch in a Ralph Lauren knit sweater with a teddy bear embroidery. The wool-cashmere ribbed turtleneck with a leash hole in the back is ultra-comfortable. The cherry on top? With the help of a matching bear sweater, you can also show your support for the company’s mascot. This is truly one of the cutest accessories for pets! 

Cruelty-Free Shampoo for Pets

Dogs should have long, healthy hair, too. A devoted following has grown around the gentle, all-natural products created by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s Ouai haircare line. That includes its cruelty-free pet shampoo, which is just as effective at keeping your dog’s hair and skin in tip-top shape. 

Collar and leash in one package

Cloud7’s braided Central Park collar and leash are made of durable greased leather and are an elevated everyday accessory. Leather, on the other hand, develops a unique patina over time as it ages. 

Luxurious dog bowl

Christofle’s Royal Jack silver-plated bowls are the canine equivalent of a silver spoon when it comes to feeding your pet. They may not be able to sit at the table, but your dog will still feel opulent with silverware that matches. 

 Dog Lover’s Valuable Jewellery 

Larkspur & Hawk’s custom animal ring lets you design a piece of jewellery that will be a family heirloom for generations to come. The jeweller uses precious metals and fine stones like tourmaline, cabochon, diamonds, and more to create miniature, bespoke carvings of your dog’s personality. It takes six to eight weeks to make this custom-made ring, which starts at $6,000. 

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