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The 7 sites for the best winter shopping this season

Winter is just around the corner in Australia and people are stuffing up on brand new warm clothing for the winter season. Unlike shopping for the summer season, winter clothing is more of a challenging affair. While you can go for casual and light clothing during the warmer months, the winters demand a mix of comfort, warmth, style, and durability. So zeroing in on the perfect wear for the colder months is easier said than done. And going by how harsh winter can get for Aussies, it goes without saying that there is absolutely no room for compromise when it comes to shopping for the season. 

That’s where this write-up fits into the picture. We have carefully chosen the most convenient and affordable winter clothing shopping sites for you to choose from. You can rest assured of high quality, affordability, and comfort when you purchase winter clothing products from these sites. 

So get yourself ready for the most exciting winter season shopping experience this time as you will be able to shop from the best destinations and get the finest warm clothing you could ask for! 

Without any further ado, let’s begin! 

  1. Myer

Myer is a very well-known and common department store that is popular for its extensive range of warm fashion clothing for both men and women. Myer is the go-to destination for many top-notch and premier clothing brands that offer high quality and uber stylish winter wear that you can always count on!

  1. Cotton On

The usual perception about budget-friendly clothing is that they tend to be low on style and variety. Cotton On challenges this perception by making you think again! This amazing clothing brand has established a reputation for itself in offering highly affordable winter wear options that never compromise on style. Get ready to shop for a jaw-dropping variety of winter clothes that fit within your budget and needs.

  1. The North Face

The North Face is infamous for offering you a wonderful range of supreme quality clothing options that promise to keep you warm and cozy no matter how cold the weather is. Designed primarily for outdoor wear, you can rock your The North Face clothing to feel warm through snow, rain, hail, or breeze. 

  1. SurfStitch

While SurfStitch is mainly known for its beach and swimwear, they also offer good quality winter clothing. They have top-notch men and women winter wear from a host of well-known brands that ensure quality, durability and style that you simply can’t get enough of. 

  1. Culture Kings

Culture Kings has created a name for itself for its uber chic and super stylish range of clothing options for any occasion and season. Naturally, they boast of a fine quality of winter wear that you can don to comfortably face the harshest of Aussie winters. You can rest assured that their range of options span various brands that you are well-acquainted with. 

  1. SABA

SABA is synonymous with unmatched quality and variety. No matter what your winter clothing needs are, you can get on the fact that SABA will have it for you. Their excellent range of warm clothing options are ideal for both work and a laid back home wear for the coldest of days or nights.  

  1. Bonds

Bonds has built a legacy for itself in being among the premier one-stop brands when it comes to shopping for the most reliable and top-notch quality of clothes for the colder months of the year. No matter what you are looking for, you can rest assured that you will find what you need at Bonds. Their wide range of winter clothing guarantee supreme comfort, warmth and quality like no other.

Tips for keeping yourself warm in the harsh Australian winters

✓ Open the windows and curtains when the sun shines through to soak up the heat, and keep them shut when it turns bitter cold.

✓ Use heaters wisely. Since electric heaters can be costly, try to invest in a hot water heating system. You can even get yourself a free and zero interest hot water system through energy upgrade programs of your state if you are eligible for them. So run a check on your eligibility for a free energy upgrade. 

✓ Close your unused rooms in order to keep them warm and cozy when you end up using them. For instance, if you are out during the day for your work, make sure that you keep your bedroom closed well to entrap heat as much as possible. 

✓ Door draught blockers are an excellent means to keep the cold draft from entering your room. In fact, around 25% of heat loss from rooms in winter happens due to cold drafts sneaking in from beneath the doors. Door draught blockers are typically cheap so you should absolutely consider getting them for your home and putting them up, particularly for your bedroom door(s).

✓ There are various ways to stay warm when you relax. While you usually tend to turn on the heater when you, say, sit on your armchair, you can adopt other earn measures such as hot water bottles, putting on comfortable socks and gloves, using heating pads, warm clothing, or a soft and thick blanket to wrap around yourself.

✓ Complement your interiors with a warm rug or carpet. Place them on parts of the room where you spend a lot of time in, such as the part of the floor beside your bed, sofa, or armchair. The thicker and softer the rugs are, the more the insulation offered to the room. While wool rugs can get expensive, you can always opt for more affordable options like cotton, nylon or acrylic.

✓ Shop good quality winter clothes from the sites mentioned in this write-up. We have listed only the best and the most affordable brands that sell durable winter wear, ideal for even the most biting winters. When you shop from these brands you can rest assured that you are getting nothing less than the very best of winter clothing. 

We wish you a cheerful, fun, and happy winter shopping season! Stay warm and comfortable. 
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