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Winter Wear Brands

The 9 Winter Wear Brands we recommend for you this season

Winter is here and so is the time to shop for warm, cozy and comfortable clothes to help you steer through the biting cold that Australia is notoriously known for. Regardless of where you live in Australia, it is time to upgrade your winter clothing closet and include the finest quality of warm and affordable clothing for the colder months of the year. Since these clothings are seasonal, it would be a wider option to purchase not only for the current winter but also for the next time.

This write-up intends to help you know the best brands in Australia for your winter wear and also ensure that your purchases are helpful for many seasons ahead! With that being said, here is the list of the top winter wear brands in Australia to fill up your winter wardrobe seamlessly.

  1. Woolerina

Woolerina is a premier Australian owned brand for finding the highest quality of clothing products for the colder months of the year. All of the brand’s merino comes from non-mulesed sheep that develop their wools in the best regular conditions. A merino long sleeve tee is a must-have staple for winter so we suggest you get one you love and rest assured that the product will last for a long time to come. The highlights at Woolerina include warm undergarments, tops, bottoms and comfortable clothes for both men and women.

  1. Denimsmith

Based in Melbourne, Denimsmith started its venture in 2015 as a “cooperative vision of veteran Australian fashioners and creators who are focused on the moral creation of great denim clothing.” Backed with extensive experience of more than two decades in the mastery of denim creation, the brand today has some of the highest quality of denim in Australia for wear in the colder months of the year. No wonder their products are widely regarded by people from all over Australia and are certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Made in Melbourne, with love and skills unlike any other, Denimsmith is much sought-after by people of all ages. If you are looking to pair jeans with a warm and stylish jacket, coat or sweater, look no further than Denimsmith for all of the clothes.

  1. Citizen Wolf

Based in Sydney, Citizen Wolf is changing the custom-fit dressing industry with its custom easygoing wear. Focused on moral and sustainable creation, the brand utilizes natural material, for example, cotton, natural cotton, hemp and merino that are developed and obtained from Australia and processed in Melbourne. Citizen Wolf solely works with plants licensed by Ethical Clothing Australia, guaranteeing that there are protected working circumstances and fair compensation all through its supply chain.

  1. Tuckshop Knits

Tuckshop Knits provide one of the best ranges of knitwear in Australia. The beautiful assortment is a collection of various knits including vests, pull over jumpers, scarfs, beanies and shirts. The pieces of clothing are produced using 100% Australian merino fleece obtained from New South Wales, turned and coloured in Victoria. Everything is then hand tailored in Melbourne with weaving machines. Tuckshop Knits are ethically made in Melbourne in limited quantities so as to reduce wastage.

  1. Bassike

Bassike is a well-established brand that is widely recognised for their huye collection of clothes ideal for any situation, be it home or office. They focus on creating high-quality wear that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Almost all of their clothes are ethically manufactured. Their winter clothes are extremely comfortable, stylish and suitable for even the harshest of cold.

  1. Emu Australia

If you are looking for high-quality winter footwear that are sleek, stylish and perfect for biting cold weather, then there is none better than Emu Australia. Their exceptional range of shoes are 100% Australian and Emu Australia themselves are a partner of the Australian Made Campaign. So you can rest assured of the finest and most stylish varieties of winter footwear that will keep you warm and comfortable. Needless to say, their products are very durable and so you can use them even for the colder months of the next few years.

  1. Merino Country

Backed with the expertise of ex-sheep farmers, it is easy to see why Merino Country’s Merino wool products are of a superior quality. While they make clothing pieces suitable for everyday wear, their collection of winter wear is excellent. Made in Brisbane, we can vouch for the high quality and variety of winter wear options at Merino Country.

  1. Smitten Merino

Run by a married couple, Smitten Merino specialises in the design of soft and high-quality merino wool (that is produced in Tasmania) clothing for the colder months of the year. They are widely regarded for their exceptional blend of coziness, style, comfort and quality. Their collection is ideal for winter wear that combines class and comfort seamlessly. You simply cannot miss Smitten Merino for the winters!

  1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a renowned name in outdoor wear and has also established a reputation for itself in high-quality winter wear products. With a wide range of clothing options that are affordable and convenient, you can bet that you will find exactly what you want at Kathmandu.

Which fabric should you opt for in the cold weather

If you are looking for synthetic wear, polypropylene has the ability to keep moisture at bay and offers unsolicited insulation even when it is drenched.

If you are looking for natural wear, it comes as no surprise that wool and silk are the unanimous choices for warm clothing during the cold weather. Wool is extremely durable and provides excellent insulation, even when drenched. In addition, it does not develop odours easily and can repel moisture well (though not as good as synthetic material in this regard). 

If it isn’t too cold, silk can be opted. However, it is not as durable as wool and can entrap odours. That said, it is convenient to wear with nearly any piece of clothing.

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