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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your pet Warm During Winter

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your pet Warm During Winter

Keeping your pets warm during winter could be a task. Some dogs are naturally capable of handling the cold weather, but it’s the small dogs that the pet parents must be concerned about.  

Australia is extremely cold between May and August; therefore, it is important to be aware of and adhere to the winter needs of your pets. Worst case scenario, the temperature drops to 3 to 11 degrees celsius. (And that isn’t good for your pets!)  

The small size dogs and dogs with short hair or fur get colder than larger-sized dogs. In addition, older dogs are more prone to cold quicker than young dogs. Though some large dogs are covered in thick, long fur, their ears, nose, and mouth are exposed to cold temperatures. 

So, it would be best if you found ways to keep your furry babies warm and cozy during winters. 

Here are a few tips to help you help your pet from the cold, shivering winter days.  

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your pet Warm During Winter:

Remember these five major tips to keep your pets warm this winter. Then, be the best hoomans to your lovely little pets and make them happy. 

  1. Do not shave their fur during winter: 

Any sie the pet might be, don’t shave their fur during the winter to make them feel fuzzy and warm from their fur. Do not take the hygiene part lightly as well. If your dog seems to shed more fur than usual or grows longer with time, trim it a little to maintain its length.

If you give a bath to your dog, then blow it with high-intensity blowdry before letting them wander within the house. 

  1. Buy pet winter wear for your little furry friends: 

Have you ever adored your pet with cute little winter wear? If you haven’t, then you should. 

Get thick woolen sweaters for your pets to wear indoors and a little raincoat their size while you take them for a walk to the park. 

If you are a cat parent, buy cute little knitted hats for them over their ears. Or are you a bird lover? Then close the gate with a woolen knitted shawl with tiny little holes so the birds can breathe. 

Buy amazing pet winter wear at your budget using Wispri – a price drop tracker that will give you a price drop alert for the products you are willing to shop. 

Wispri also has an extension that you can include in your browser. So now, you don’t need to worry about spending more on your pets than your planned budget! 

  1. Thicker bedding for your pets: 

Sleeping on a cold floor can make your pets feel squeamish at night. So let’s sort it out by stuffing in more cotton on your pet’s bedding. 

And to make it even better, add some cute little fuzzy pillows for them to curl on with their equally fuzzy little woolen blankets. 

It makes them feel warm and safe from the cold weather outside. 

  1. Increase their food intake: 

“Won’t increasing the food level make my pets obese?” – must be the first question that comes to your mind. 

Remember, the cold weather will increase the body temperature of your pets, which in turn means that your pets are burning more calories than their intake. 

It’ll make them weaker and shiver too much if the food intake is not adjusted during winter. 

A slight increase in food intake doesn’t mean your pets will get obese. Instead, get them to walk around a little or find indoor physical activities for them to engage in to keep them active and playful. 

  1. Use massage oil: 

Why would you massage oil on your pets, you ask? Well, not on the whole body but their paws to keep them hydrated as the cold during winter tends to make them dry. 

A dry paw can cause your pet to be irritable since they can’t walk as comfortably as they want. In addition, some pets get dryness scratches on their paws – to avoid it, you can use massage oils or pay creams to keep them hydrated. 

Bonus tips to keep your pets warm during winter:

  • Change their waters now and then in your house’s familiar water drinking spot. 
  • Do not let your animals out in the cold for too long. 
  • Give them warm baths but not long warm baths. Pets shouldn’t be kept wet for a long time. 
  • Give them full exercises and engage in physical activities to maintain their body temperature.  


These are some tips to keep your pets warm this winter season. It’s not only a responsibility as a pet parent but also important to care for stray pets. 

Feed them and give them water whenever you see one to keep them feeling cold and alone. 

Happy pet parenting!

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