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You may or may not love winters but you have hot chocolate, coffee, hot pizzaz and what not to keep you cozy in the season. Sadly though, your pawsome friends do not.

You cannot really make them hungover on coffee and neither is hot chocolate a very healthy option for them. 

So, for all this, you make up in the form of cutie-patootie dresses. In this blog, let us talk about some of those!

(12 to be precise)

12 winter must have for your pawsome friends!

Here are some mandatory things your dog deserves. 

  • Waterproof coat 

It is important to keep your dog both warm and dry. Get your dog a waterproof coat to insulate their fur in chilly winters. The fabric of this coat is pure durable polyester. It has an additional PU coating to make the outer shell waterproof. 

Don’t worry about the fitting. Use the loops and straps to adjust the coat. Additionally, you get a reflective ribbon for night walks. Get this coat in maroon and navy blue colors. Purchase the waterproof coat here. Get an additional 10 discount with coupon code BDWBWM10OFF. 

  • Hooded dog coat 

Hoodies are comfortable clothing for almost every season. Want to dress your dog in one? Get a diamond quilted hoodie for your dog. It is waterproof and lined with fleece. You can unzip or zip this as per your convenience. 

Get the hooded dog coat in 7 different sizes. This range of sizes could fit the smallest up as well as large breeds. 

Are you fond of discounts? Grab a $10 off as a Bow wow meow pet insurance customer. Just use code SUMMER while checking out. 

  • Neoprene shoes 

Adventure is the life of active pets. They love to drench out in the rain. On some days, they like the morning sun. How about getting them a pair of waterproof shoes? This combo can be great at managing the elements. 

You just need to measure the feet accurately though which can be challenging. Then, gift your pets a pair of easy-to-step-in, adjustable, and comfortable shoes. These shoes have support and traction. Use code BOWWOW 15 at checkout and avail 15 % discount on the purchase of Neoprene shoes. 

  • Paw-fect socks 

Now, coming at your dog’s paws, they also need protection. Sometimes, they will slide on the floor. While they would also cause scratches on the furniture, they may also not spare the hardwood floors. 

Some pets are also habitual of licking paws and scratching due to allergies. These shoes can help you in protection against these issues. Buy Pawfect shoes at a 15% discount and use BOWWOW15 to check out.  

Sleeping and bedding 

Your pet will play and frolick and go crazy but they will sleep too. So, next in the line is the range of sleeping and bedding essentials for your furry friend.

Get these accessories for your dog at the earliest. Ensure a peaceful and comfortable sleep with this list. 

  • Plush blanket 

The first name on this list is a plush blanket.Keep your pet warm everytime in the chillyin chilly season. This has an extra soft and smooth texture and touch. 

Trust us, your pet will love this product. Get the mink plush blanket at a $10 discount. Use code BMW10 as a customer of bow wow meow pet insurance. 

  • Cuddly blanket 

Get this reversible plush blanket for your pet. This is sure to keep your pet warm and comfortable. No matter whether it sleeps or cuddles, this blanket is perfect for it. 

Purchase the cuddly blanket at a discount of 10 % with coupon code BDWBMW10OFF. Avail the advantage of being a BOW WOW MEOW pet insurance customer. 

  • Portable sleeping mat 

When it comes to the selection of mattresses for your dog, choose a portable sleeping mat. Place it on the floor or your pet’s bed. 

The soft quality of this mattress is due to the sheepfold velvet. Suitable for pets that weigh less than 10 kg, it is a non-slip quality product. Get your pet the portable sleeping mat at a 15 % discount. get the advantage of being a bow wow meow pet insurance. 

  • Orthopaedic bed 

What can be more relaxing than a bed for your pet? Make your pet’s winter comfortable and cosy with the plush bed. As the name suggests, it is a really good choice for aged dogs. It also acts as a medium to heal arthritis in older dogs. 

This product is available in various sizes and measurements. It is best known for its optimal and muscular support. Avail a 15 % discount under the bow wow meow pet insurance scheme at the orthopaedic bed purchase. 

  • Extreme weather pet door 

There are many times when pets have to be left in the open. It may lead to the escaping of the warm air In the meantime, cold air may contact your pet. For this purpose, you can get your pet an extreme door pet door. 

It is an expert technician to maintain the right temperature in summers and winters. It has 3 magnetic insulating flaps and seals to keep them fixed. Get a 10% discount on the purchase of the extreme weather pet door by using BOWWOW10 code under the Bow wow meow pet insurance. 

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Summarizing words 

We have mentioned here the best accessories to make your pet’s winter cosy and comfortable. It is, thus, obvious that certain things bring big happiness to these innocent pets.

Being weather-sensitive, their sin demands extra care and affection. You can use these accessories to ensure a safe, adventurous, and playful winter for your pets. All this is just a click away. 

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