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11 Winter-Inspired Nail Art Designs and Where to Shop for These Essentials


Amazing nail art is mandatory for beautiful hands. What else makes nail art special? 

What if it can vary according to the weather? 

Read about the shades that can make your winter more stylish. 

11 Winter-inspired nail art designs and where to shop for these essentials

There is no confinement of fashion. It is an ageless and ever-lasting thing. Nail art is also one such part of good attire. 

One very interesting thing about winter nail art designs is their winter-specificity. This winter, choose to let your nails shine. 

Try some or all of these amazing nail arts to stand apart this winter season. 

  1. Grey with snowflake designs 

The grey with snowflakes designs nail art can be done by everyone but it is best for short nails. Attributing to its name, it has a design of snowflakes on a base coat of a nude shade.

That’s why it is one of the simplest designs that you can follow. It is also an easy-to-do design that requires no excess effort. 

  1. Frozen 

How about expressing the winter chills in your nail art? It is a great idea. For that purpose, you need to have a base coat of light blue shade and add some glitter. 

Get a frozen shade here. This shade is going to look perfect with the bone-chilling winter.

  1. Nude nails with glitter 

Your obsession with nude nails can not be overcome easily. Well, you can try nude nail art shades in winter too. 

Just apply a base coat of a nude shade you love. decorate it with some glitter without any mixing of both of them. Nude nails with glitter design is very simple and made very fast. 

  1. Flower flakes 

Flowers never age, especially in your nail arts. You can design flower flakes as a winter-special nail art design. 

You only need a base coat of light shade and draw flowers of contrasting shade. This is also going to suit almost all the floral dresses. 

  1. Cow print 

Cow print seems to be a never-ending nail art design. It is an age-old trend that is still preferred as a nail art design. 

Get a yellowish or white base coat and draw strips like that of a cow. It will make your nails look great. 

  1. Sparkle 

Try doing some glittering thing with dazzling shades. This would make your nails shine and complement your stylish winter wear. 

Get the best shades for sparkle for an amazing nail art display. 

  1. French kisses

Have you ever played the cross zero game in your childhood? No, we are not asking you to play it again. However, you can make nail art out of it.

Try french kisses for a minimal experience. There is no specific reason for calling it a french kiss design. It is a random term. However, you can do it with just a dark shade. 

  1. Matte chocolate 

A chocolaty shade is always preferable. It can go in many colors and styles. That’s why it is a perfect match for winters.

Take a chocolate shade and do anything over this shade. Make sure to take light shades as a decorating shade. It will make the perfect matte chocolate nail art. 

  1. Gold and silver 

Gold and silver can look good with each other, provided they are designed to look good. Take two shades that shine. 

Mix them in a beautiful manner. This would give you a good combination of gold and silver. 

  1. Gems 

Gems have always been attractive as a child. Try this on your nail paints. It is going to look amazing and beautiful. 

Use contrasting colors. Blac is the best shade to act as the base coat. Then, apply some coating at the center to enjoy a beautiful combination. 

  1. Kira Kira glitter 

This nail art is also an amazing glitter sort of art. It is just different that you have to apply a white base coat. 

Then, go on painting stars in the center of the nails. This bright nail art-Kira Kira glitter is a perfect choice for winters. 

These nail arts are just a result of imagination. You can go further digging for the best for your nails. Wishing you all the best in the perfect nail arts. 

Best shades in our store for these nail arts…..

Until now, the best nail arts for winter have been discussed. Here is our treasure for trying out these nail arts.

You can get amazing results in your nail arts through these shades. 

  • Frozen white and dazzler gold can give you nail arts like Kira Kira glitter, gold, and silver, sparkle.
  • Gems, french kisses, and flower sparkles can be gained through black forest and any light shade. 
  • Grey nails with snowflakes, matte chocolate, cow print, and nude nails with glitter are possible with cuppa brown, black forest, dazzler gold, mauve it, and hint purple.

This is not an end. There are a number of shades that you can try. Some shades may be light while some may be dark. However, it is your choice to visit our store and pick the best shade for your nails. 

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Final words 

Hey readers, we hope you must have loved the nail art designs shared in this blog. Finally, this is not the end. There is more to it and you can try exploring your creativity. Just don’t forget to check out the amazing shades in our store. They would add glamour and elegance to your nail art trends. 

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