Tux it up: 6 Chic Tuxedos to buy of your Valentine Date Night

It is customary to wear a chic tuxedo to black-tie gatherings. Chic tuxedos are also a very popular choice for Valentine’s dinner dates. They are available in a variety of colors, lapel designs, and sizes. With so many choices, we’ve broken down each component in the following table so that you can make an informed decision. The satin is what differentiates a tuxedo from a suit. An evening gown will have satin on the collar and buttons, and it may also be found in the pockets. A suit will be made entirely of the same material.

In 1865, the stylish Prince Edward VII wanted a formal lounge suit without all the ostentatious frills of the usual tailcoat, and so the tuxedo was born.

To give you an idea of what a tuxedo is, it is a more formal version of the traditional suit. Typically, the lapels are made of satin and the buttons are wrapped in satin for a more refined look. We’ll teach you how to wear a tuxedo in a variety of ways in our style guide. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve got some major fashion coming your way!

Classic Notch Lapel Tuxedo

This time-honored design has stood the test of time for almost a century. The lapel of a tuxedo coat refers to the flaps that frame the neck and chest when they are folded. This form of the lapel is known as the ‘notch lapel’ because of the notch carved out around the neck. Patent leather shoes and a bow tie complete this chic tuxedo look.

James Bond Shawl Tuxedo

The traditional shawl lapel chic tuxedo is versatile enough to be shaken or stirred. Its status as a fashion icon is owed in large part to the effortlessness with which the lapel encircles the neck. This kind of tuxedo is well known for its James Bond appeal in many of the most iconic flicks. A double-breasted vest is a delightful addition to go with this tuxedo for an ultra-stylish appearance. 

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Bright Shawl

Adding a splash of color is another way to liven up the conventional look. Several chic tuxedos are available in burgundy, navy blue, and grey tones. With a few stylistic tweaks, these looks may be adapted to fit any theme.

Framed Lapel

Framed lapels provide the impression of being both casual and formal. Only the outside border of the label is covered with satin, rather than the full thing. This tuxedo may be worn with either a bow tie or a long tie, making it ideal for the luxury beach or vineyard dates.

The White Tuxedo & Dinner Jacket

There are two ways to wear a classic white chic tuxedo: with a black shawl lapel or with a white dinner jacket. The dinner jacket features a shawl lapel because the lapel is composed of the same material as the rest of the garment. With a black bow tie and black slacks, any man would love to wear any of these outfits.

Perfection in a Velvet Tuxedo

Leading celebrities like Billy Porter, Chris Evans, Henry Golding, and Jason Mamoa have all worn velvet to its full splendor. Everything you need to create a stylish statement is available in several sites’ velvet collections.

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