Get that Headgear: The 5 Fancy Headwears that are rocking the country right now

Headgear- Spring fashion calls for fun headgear! Australian hats, also known as bush hats, are similar in style to the headgear seen all over the United States. However, the crown and brim of the hats differ slightly. If you don’t want to buy a cowboy hat but still want to have a Western-inspired hat or a safari hat for your trip, the Australian headgear for spring fashion is worth checking out. Finding Australian-made hats, whether for yourself or as a gift, isn’t as simple as it seems!

When searching for authentic Australian headwear, don’t limit yourself to specialised markets in Melbourne or country markets like Eumundi, located near Noosa. Of course, there will be a plethora of hats representing Australia there, but, we have presented the best Australian made hats for women and men for spring fashion in this article that you might want to take a look at. 

1. Boonie Bush Outdoor Fishing Hiking Hunting Boating Snap Brim Hat Sun Cap Bucket

This headgear from Australia is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and features a bucket hat design. It is a super cool choice for spring fashion. It has a snap brim, a chinstrap with cord lock, and four grommet eyelets with a mesh screen. A five-inch crown and a five-inch brim make up this hat. You can pick from 14 different colours, including olive, black, and brown, as well as several camouflage patterns. Small and medium sizes are both available for this hat. The high-quality material used to make this Australian bush hat makes it soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

The hat’s material is breathable to the maximum extent possible. Even on the hottest summer days, the four grommet eyelets with mesh screens keep you cool and dry by allowing air to flow freely around your head. The brim of this hat, which is nice and stiff, is the most notable feature. It’s simple to pull up the sides and store when the weather is nice. With Wispri’s price tracker extension, you can now avail discounts and deals hassle-free! 

2. Kakadu Bushranger

Perfect for spring fashion, nights out in the town with friends, or as a stylish headgear on a daily basis, this pinched western style hat is sophisticated and refined. The Bushranger is made of high-quality leather with no visible flaws, so it will only get softer, firmer, and more flexible with time. Kakadu’s Bushranger is unquestionably a classic model. The material is grain leather, and it’s free of flaws and has a rich, dull lustre to it. A hand-braided five-strand band and a metal logo on the side of the hat add some flair. Additionally, it has three ventilation eyelets on the crown for added coolness. The brown and black versions of this hat style are typical of Australians.

3. Akub

Akubra is an iconic Australian headgear brand with a rich history. Surry Hills, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, was the site of the company’s founding in the early 1900s. Since that time, the company has expanded tremendously. But the hats are still made in New South Wales, despite their expansion into Melbourne and elsewhere. Akubra is a great choice if you’re looking for an authentic Australian Hat and is perfect for spring fashion.

Hat-making at Akubra is an art form in and of itself. Everything is made in the Australian factory, and the attention to detail is astounding. Wispri’s google chrome extension is an amazing tool to receive price drop alerts on your favourite website. 

4.  Conner Hats Australian Wool Outback Crushable Water Proof Western Cowboy Hat

This wool and organic cotton blend headgear hail from Australia. An outback-style hat, complete with a creased crown and curled brim, can be found in this hat’s design. You can pick from three different colours: loden green, black, or brown, perfect for spring fashion. From extra small to extra large, this hat is available in a variety of sizes. There is a soft and smooth feel to the premium material used to make this Australian cowboy hat. The fabric has a UPF rating of 50+, which means it can effectively block the sun’s harmful rays and protect your skin from the sun for an extended period of time. It’s waterproof, so you can wear it even if it’s a little gloomy outside.

5. Henschel Australian Leather Hat with Braided Band | Headgear

This headgear features a modified cowboy hat design with a creased crown and a flat round brim made from 100 per cent Dakota leather. It also includes a matching leather braided wristband, an ideal choice for spring fashion. Choose between brown or black from two different colour options. This hat has a 3-inch wide brim. From extra small to extra large, this hat is available in a variety of sizes. The headgear’s high-quality material gives it a polished appearance. In addition, the hat’s material is top-notch, making it a lightweight and comfortable choice. It is also water-resistant, making it a long-lasting hat that you can wear for many seasons, even if the weather changes.

That is all about the best Australian headgear for spring fashion that you can find on the market. Australian hats come in a wide variety of styles and designs, as you can see from this list. These hats are built to last thanks to high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

 We hope that with the list above, you can quickly choose the hat which matches your styles and your preferences. 

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