How to Plan a Farewell for your Friend


Goodbyes are always hard to say. Whether it’s your friend moving to another city for higher studies or shifting from one country to another, saying goodbye is a little difficult. But who says goodbyes can’t be fun. Planning a surprise farewell for your friend and making the day most memorable for them can be a great idea. While they are starting on their new journey away from you, why not make memories and cherish them by giving them a farewell party. And if you are looking to plan a farewell for your friend, we have got your back. We have some fantastic ideas that you can incorporate into your farewell party. (plan a farewell)

How to Plan a Farewell for your Friend?

  1. Except if the individual moving away offers it up, don’t expect that you can have the farewell party at their home. You need to pick another venue to unite all their favourite people in a single spot. Since farewell isn’t very extravagant, there’s presumably no compelling reason to book anything costly like a café room. Your own home will do, or a party at a nice bar or entertainment-type venue. (plan a farewell)
  1. Consider if you want just friends or a mix of friends and family at your going away party. If the party isn’t going to be a surprise, ask your friend who is moving away to send you a list of people they want to invite. That way, those you don’t know will not be left off the invite list, such as coworkers or pals from outside your group. (plan a farewell)
  1. If you forget to give folks ample notice, all of your fantastic farewell party ideas will be for nought. Set your date early (and make sure your party guest is available), and then send out your invitations three weeks ahead of time. E-invites or even a text or email would suffice; make sure to include crucial details like the date, location, and time of the party, as well as any expectations, such as whether you want everyone to bring a present or be prepared to share a memory.
  1. Drinks and refreshments are a must-have at every party, but how far you go with them depends on you and your budget. If your party falls on a mealtime, you’ll need to provide enough food to compensate (again, pizza works well, or you could do a potluck), but otherwise, just snacks will suffice. (plan a farewell)
  1. Another factor to consider when planning a farewell party is making it fun by including some games and entertainment. Set up a photo booth corner (a few streamers in front of a wall will suffice) and have guests snap Polaroids with the guest of honour, which they can subsequently place in a picture album to take with them to their new home. What about a Mad Libs-style game in which participants fill in the blanks about their favourite memories and experiences with them? You could also do a roast—or keep it more subdued and allow individuals who want to speak a few words to do so. (plan a farewell)
  1. Farewell parties are a terrific way to have some fun with a party theme, especially if it’s something a little cheesy otherwise. Some of the favourite theme ideas for a going away party include:
  • If your honoured visitor is willing to host the celebration in their home, offer them some packing assistance. Put out all of the usual accoutrements, such as food, beverages, and music, as well as packing equipment and urge visitors to fill one or more boxes.
  • Use the going away party to commemorate your friend’s new adventure and impending life in a new town or city. Use palm trees and flip flops to decorate if they’re relocating to Miami, and serve empanadas and margaritas.
  • Sometimes, conventional is the best way to go when it comes to farewell party ideas. Throw a farewell party with a travel theme, complete with map tablecloths and a container full of aeroplane wine bottles

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  1. Ask the other members attending the party to bring us useful gifts if you have decided to give gifts to your friend. Gifts such as packing tools, gift cards to home improvement stores, or even rolls of quarters for tolls on their route to their next destination. These gifts can come in handy to the moving person and will save his money if they have these essentials sorted. (plan a farewell)
  1. Another thing that you can do when you plan a farewell is to keep a blank notebook beside the front door for people to write down their thoughts and suggestions for the honoured guest. It’s a lovely way to get everyone nostalgic without having to ask anyone to speak up, and it’s also a great gift for your friend to take with them when they depart.

The finest farewell party ideas are those that make your friend feel unique and appreciated, but simply throwing the party will go a long way toward accomplishing that aim. (plan a farewell)

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