8 Beard-Growing Rules for Newbies

Movember: It’s that time of year yes, we’re talking about movember, when males who have never experimented with facial hair get into beard growth. So, how difficult could a four-week Movember commitment be? Perhaps not tricky, but a Movember challenge nonetheless: The average man has between 10,000 and 20,000 hair follicles on his face, and keeping them clean once they start sprouting takes some forethought. So here’s everything you need to know about going shave-free for the first time this Movember.

Rule #1: Be Prepared for the Ugly

Get ready for the ugly period if you’re getting into beard growth for the first time this Movember, according to Neville Hall, CEO of Bold Beardsmen. “Your facial hair could be spotty, uneven, and lack a definite beard growth pattern that complements your jawline,” Hall warns. The Caveman look isn’t particularly appealing, but the worst of it fades away after seven to ten days. Meanwhile, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and dress sharply this Movember, so your boss doesn’t assume you’re on a week-long bender.

Second Rule: Do Not Touch

You’ll be itching to scratch. Also, rub. Also, shave the whole itchy stuff off, or at the very least define it. Then, it’s time to put your willpower to the test. “Someone who is getting into beard growth may be tempted to rush to touch up his lines, but it’s best to wait until you can see the full potential of your beard’s fullness before over-shaping,” Hall recommends. It will also help you understand your hair type and development pattern better. How long do you think you’ll wait before getting the trimmer out? “A common rule of thumb for most males is to wait about four weeks before attempting to sculpt their beards,” Hall says.

Rule #3: Maintain Excellent Skin Hygiene

Believe it or not, many men’s facial cleanliness is inextricably linked to their shaving process. There’s no need to shave or wash. However, filth accumulates, obstructing pores and aggravating discomfort. “A deep scrub face cleanser that gently cleanses your pores and restores moisture to your skin can help relieve irritation,” Hall explains. (Amazon has Clinique for Men Face Scrub for $26.) Next, apply a daily moisturizer to all regions of your face, especially the beard line, where the itching can be the most intense.

Rule #4: Keep your whiskers lubricated.

Your beard growth will start to resemble an actual beard by the end of week two and into week three of Movember. So it’s time to begin addressing it like such. “Dandruff split ends and dry, sensitive skin are all symptoms of poor beard maintenance,” Hall explains. “It is critical to moisturize and care for a healthy beard growth.” Look for natural lubricants that will give your beard a clean, silky texture while covering it with nutrients if you’re a first-timer or have sensitive skin.

Both Rocky Mountain Barber’s Cedarwood Beard Balm ($13 on Amazon) and Caveman Grooming Co.’s Virgin Cedarwood Beard Oil ($10 on Amazon) are made entirely of organic ingredients. To use, rub a dab of the balm into your scruff, being sure to cover the skin beneath it (more or less accessible depending on the thickness of your beard growth). Next, warm up a dime-sized amount of oil in your hands, then rub it through your facial hair with your palms. The balm moisturizes the skin, while the oil adds shine and keeps moisture in.

Invest in a Good Comb (Rule #5)

It’s a comb, after all. Whichever one you choose isn’t going to break the bank. So why not grab yourself an excellent wooden beard comb-like. Striking Viking’s Wooden Beard Comb ($12 at Amazon): it’s small enough to fit in your jeans back pocket and strong enough not to snap if you sit on it. According to Hall, “using a wooden teeth comb helps apply your oil or balm evenly and gently throughout your face.” “Using the incorrect comb might cause split ends and knotted, scratchy spots in your beard.”

Rule #6: Recognize your own face

So you’ve got a few strands of hair. Maybe a little too much. And you want to make a lasting impression with it this Movember. That’s great. But first, familiarise yourself with the area in which you will carve your design. That’s a sophisticated way of saying, see if the look you want is compatible with the head you have. “Knowing the contour of your face can help you determine how to cut your beard,” Hall explains.

A round face, for example, looks goofy with a long, pointy beard (ice cream cone? ), whereas an extended, narrow profile looks good with a shorter, fuller form for balance. Stick with a simple oval shape this Movember for first-timers, says Hall because it looks good on practically everyone and easily messes up.

Rule #7: Include a shape…

Take your trimmer (a nice one: Philips Norelco Beard trimmer 3500 ($35 at Amazon) and start by defining your beard neckline once your beard has reached the proper length. Hall recommends reducing your beard and neck up to Adam’s apple, then rounding off the corners of your jawline right below your ears. Next, trim your cheek line as high as feasible for a clean and crisp appearance. Finally, “visit the upper moustache lip just under the nose with a pair of moustache scissors and guide over your clippers with a pair of moustache scissors to keep a tight grip on your trim,” Hall recommends.

Rule #8: After that, add some personality.

There’s no assurance that you’ll keep your beard growth at the end of Movember. But, if you like it, you’ll need to figure out how you’ll keep it going in the long run. “The length of your hair, the shape of your face, and your facial hair type all play a role in determining the best long-term beard style,” Hall adds. Hair that is coarse and curly will require different care than hair that is naturally straight or wavy. Hall says fuller beards need the least amount of maintenance, but they might take up to four months to achieve.

Want to get the whole look without having to wait? “Growing out your ‘under beard’ is a tip that helps provide flare to this style,” he says. “This gives your beard a fuller appearance while requiring less maintenance for the hair under your chin and neck, two extremely sensitive places prone to skin irritation and razor bumps.” Finally, if in doubt, consult your barber

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