Pet food: Choose from these 7 top brands in Australia

Some dogs want to eat pretty about anything, such as your new shoes or even the contents of a bin. So, is it really such a huge issue what kind of pet food they eat? And the answer is, absolutely; dogs do truly need specific nutritional attention. If it’s due to their breed, age, or health state, or whether they’re finicky eaters, there’s always more to pet food than cost and taste. It’s also extremely vital to have a conversation with your vet to make sure your furry best friend is filling up on the correct food.

When it comes to pet shopping, here are our top picks for the best pet food brands in Australia.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is a pet food company founded by a breeder to offer nutritionally beneficial ingredients for pets. The company was developed in Australia and employs locally-made products, without wheat, maize, soy, gluten, chemical preservatives and flavours, or superfluous fillers. Uniquely, Black Hawk pet chow incorporates emu oil, which delivers omega 3, 6 and 9. Its product line comprises both puppy and adult dog food and may be obtained through pet retailers.

You can even purchase this from Amazon at a discounted rate via Wispri, an Australian price tracker. 


According to Supercoach, a member of the Purina family, its dry dog food contains ‘wholesome, natural, and well-balanced ingredients’ without artificial colours or flavours. The selection comprises feeds for pups, adults, and older dogs, as well as speciality alternatives for active dogs, or addressing specialized requirements for sensitive skin and stomachs, and weight control. As well as dry food, there’s also a broad choice of wet food pouches, featuring recipes such as casserole, mince, and bread. This is one of the best food brands to get when it comes to pet food shopping. 

Ivory Coat

As an Australian premium dog food company, Ivory Coat focuses on offering high-quality meals for dogs. Their key selling point is that all of their dog food products are created using Australian beef as the primary component. A wide variety of diets for pups, adults, and senior dogs are available in dry, cold, and wet forms. (Pet food)

Dogs of all ages and breeds may enjoy our Ivory Coat dry food, which is made up of 36% protein from the combination of lamb and kangaroo. Dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies to grains may eat this meal since it’s devoid of grains.

Hill’s Science Diet

The Science Diet Adult Canned Dog Food by Hill’s Science is another of the items that we highly recommend. A full and balanced food for adult dogs between the ages of 1 and 6 years old is provided by this product. (Pet food)

Because of the high water content, canned dog food is more expensive than dry food, but it is more convenient for dogs to consume and digest. Additionally, they are said to have a pleasant aroma that may seduce even the most picky eaters.

For adult dogs, this chicken and vegetable flavoured canned food is designed to give a nutritious and balanced diet.


Canned dog food in lamb, chicken, three meat, and beef versions by Chum is a popular choice for pet owners on a budget and is one of the best buys when it comes to pet shopping. Mars Petcare owns the brand and makes dry food for it as well. Dogs’ skin, well-being, healthy growth, and dogs with active lives may all be sorted by the additional health advantages in the spectrum. (Pet food)

Ziwi Peak

An excellent dog food option if money is no object: Ziwi Peak’s limited-edition, air-dried premium dog food.

Because of the inclusion of New Zealand green muscles and lamb organs and bones, Ziwi Peak’s grain-free recipe may be used as a portion of full dog food or as a healthy dog food topper while still providing a comprehensive and well-balanced diet for your dog.

This dog food’s quality cannot be questioned; it is superb and, based on several internet reviews, even the pickiest eaters seem to like it. 

My Dog

There are a variety of products made by My Dog, one of the most well-known dog food manufacturers in Australia, that can be fed to dogs of all ages but are best suited for tiny dogs owing to their container sizes.

There are no extra preservatives in their Gourmet Beef canned dog food, which is manufactured in Australia. Unlike other wet meals, this one comes in compact 100g cans and is in the shape of a loaf of bread. The product’s tiny size makes it easier to serve, but it also makes it pricey compared to other dry meals in terms of weight.

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