Price Tracking Software

Price tracking software is known by various names, including price scraping, price monitoring, and price comparison software. Whatever you choose to call it, price tracking software may prove to be extremely beneficial in your pricing policy by allowing you to be more aware of your important competitors and their prices, making it easy to set optimal prices for your merchandise. People use the internet to research and compare products and services before making a purchase. A company’s user experience is critical in retaining existing customers over time. However, price is the most important consideration, particularly for first-time purchasers. Price monitoring, on the other hand, is vital for your firm

Benefits of using a price tracking software

Using price tracking software gives the following advantages:

  1. Excel is the most popular tool for manually collecting and maintaining competitor prices, but no matter how diligent you are, you risk taking chances when transferring data. You may reduce the risk of making potentially costly mistakes by employing an established rival pricing tracking tool.
  2. Time is precious, and you should spend it wisely, not getting mired down in the pricing of your competitors, especially when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of products. There are far more effective methods for you (or your employees) to spend time on other aspects of your organisation. Allow the software to scour the internet on your behalf.
  3. By investing in pricing tracking software, you may learn about your product lifecycle, if it could be cheaper or more expensive in the future, whether price changes should be made on a regular or seasonal basis, and whether discounts or promotions are suitable.
  4. Price wars can be harsh, and prices are highly complex in several e-commerce areas, including electronics, home repair, and construction. When you include special offers, discounts, and seasonal specials, manually updating pricing data becomes extremely difficult. When you utilise rival price tracking software, you are analysing the entire market. The alerts you put up will allow you to respond faster and alter your prices dynamically in reaction to your opponents’ prices.
  5. Using competitor price tracking software is more effective, accurate, and cost-effective than Engaging somebody to track price. This can help in achieving the return on investment in a relatively short period.

How does price tracking software work?

Bots collect information from competing websites, such as product model numbers, images, descriptions, and pricing, to create price tracking software. The software gathers all of this information in one location, allowing you to analyse competitor prices with your own. This data provides you with a clear picture of your market and might assist you in making efficient use of pricing strategies.

Some price tracking software can also provide information on aspects such as promotions and assortment in addition to rival prices. Knowing about these characteristics can help you improve your pricing approach. Suppose you know the main competitor on the market who is out of supply of a given item, for example. In that case, you may be able to boost your rates and maximise profit without significantly affecting your sales.

Factors to consider when choosing a good price tracking software

There are a few crucial considerations to make while choosing price monitoring software for your business:

  1. The software you choose should give the data you require at the precise time you require it. If you want your data delivered every day at noon, check sure your provider has agreed to this and can supply your data on time.
  2. If you have any issues or issues regarding your product, a pricing monitoring software that does not give outstanding customer support may be a waste of time. Ensure your provider responds quickly when you need them and can assist you with any questions about your programme and how you utilise it.
  3. Make sure the data the software collects is current and correct. Many organisations will include a data quality guarantee in their SLA, so read it well. Because vital data is the foundation of a solid pricing strategy, this is not a variable to disregard.
  4. Price tracking software should make collecting and analysing competitor data less complicated. If the software’s platform isn’t intuitive, it won’t help you improve your pricing process. With an easy-to-use user interface, you’ll be able to keep track of your competition while saving time and money.

Wispri: A great price tracking software

Wispri is a simple and effective way to keep track of offers and discounts. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that keeps track of the costs of certain things on your wish list and alerts you when they go below your threshold. Simply enter a URL, sit back, and wait for the price to reduce with Wispri. Wispri saves you time and effort by automating the process of looking for discounts and sales.


By providing essential market insights on which to base your pricing strategy, price tracking software might prove to be a valuable asset to your pricing process. The distinction between an average software provider and an exceptional software provider may not be evident at first look. Still, with the information we’ve provided, you should be able to choose the correct software for your company, saving you energy, resources, and stress of spreadsheets and manual price monitoring.
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