The 8 Celebs to follow for your Spring Wear Inspiration

Spring Fashion: When we say 2020 wasn’t the most fashionable year to date, we know we’re not alone. Covid-19’s mental and emotional burden was reflected in our wardrobes: T-shirts and baggy sweatshirts that we would normally save for bedtime became our work from home uniforms because, above all else, we just wanted to feel at ease. In 2021, though, we’ve resolved to regard getting dressed in the morning as an opportunity to not only look but also feel our best. We’ve turned to celebrities for the ultimate spring fashion trend to help us navigate the possibilities already hanging in our wardrobe.

Many celebrities are known for their incredible spring fashion sense, whether it’s casual or edgy. This spring fashion season, we’ve compiled a list of the finest celebs to follow!


Zendaya is noted for her bold and fearless appearance, which are mirrored in her clothes. It’s tough to find a look Zendaya can’t carry off, whether it’s urban cool or red-carpet perfect.

Zendaya has spent a lot of time on the red carpet, and when she’s not on set, she’s become a spring fashion style sensation in her own right, despite the fact that she’s only 25 years old. Zendaya’s spring fashion style is an ideal inspiration for college ladies everywhere, with a sleek, sophisticated style.

Camilla Cabello

Camila Cabello’s spring fashion style is both youthful and cutting-edge, representing a new side of the singer/model.

Camila has been on a journey of self-discovery since embarking on a solo music career, and her style has reflected this. She enjoys experimenting with forms, colours, and patterns, and she does it effortlessly.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins is a British actress. She is the definition of elegance. Lily is a British model and actress who radiates stylish elegance in every spring fashion outfit she wears.

Collins’ style is feminine, floral, and airy, with a childlike innocence enhanced by her fair skin and dark hair. Lily’s closet is full of ladylike essentials, with an abundance of skirts and dresses. With Wispri’s price drop tracker extension, you can now avail exciting deals on your favourite websites! 

Nava Rose

Nava Rose is one of the best of the many spring fashion street style profiles sprinkled across the TikTok app. Not only does she know to fashionable dress, but her special effects are also top-notch, as evidenced by her over 4 million followers. Nava Rose has an ensemble for everyone and every style, from clothes inspired by emojis, BTS, and trends across the decades to her take on Harry Potter fashion.

Gigi Hadid

The famous supermodel Gigi Hadid exudes a quiet confidence that can be seen in her manner and attire.

There isn’t much Gigi hasn’t accomplished (or worn). Other than stylish with a slightly tomboyish vibe, Hadid doesn’t fit into any single spring fashion style or category. Whatever she wears is an immediate style smash, and the international supermodel is recognised for sporting the most up-to-date looks right from the runway.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a timeless beauty who has starred in a number of films. She combines classic femininity with aggressiveness in all she does, which is mirrored in her style.

Blake’s confidence and elegance are the most important parts of every wardrobe, whether she’s wearing a whole colour block of scorching red or chilly blue. For years, Lively has ruled the fashion world, and her timeless style will continue to inspire young designers and followers for many years to come.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters and her style is influenced by her elder sisters in many ways. Kylie’s closet is full of body-hugging and high-ticket items.

Jenner’s spring fashion style is defined by perfect makeup and hair (she does have her own beauty line, after all), as well as equal parts high heels and casual shoes. When it comes to comfort and athleticism, Kylie is recognised for her fashionable jumpsuits and complementing sets. Get Wispri’s price tracker and receive price drop alerts on your favourite website. 

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s style has evolved from a high-voiced, bouncy pony tween to a young woman of playful grace as she has grown up in the media world.

Ariana’s spring fashion style accentuates her diminutive body while working with her size. Her knees are covered by oversized sweatshirt dresses, and her high boots are practically touching the hem. Ariana prefers to wear body-conscious styles like crop tops and open shirts when she’s not wearing a big sweatshirt.

These are our eight favourite celebs this spring fashion season. They are all different and unique, perfect in all ways. 

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