The 7 best Discount Homewares Online Australia

Hands up if you’ve been there. Picture this: you’ve gone around many furniture shops for home decor shopping and seeking the right piece of furniture, only to arrive home empty-handed, feeling discouraged, and with a record-breaking step count. It’s happened to the best of us.

But don’t despair — thankfully, technology makes shopping for furniture a whole lot simpler. The top furniture shops often have a solid internet presence, which makes looking for what you need a snap. Looking for kids’ bedroom furniture? No worries. Want to purchase a couch online? Easy.

If you’re searching for the greatest online furniture shops in Australia, we’ve got your back. 

Icon by Design

If you’re the sort of person who wants to invest in traditional wooden house furniture that will last the test of time, then Icon by Design is an online furniture company that you shouldn’t pass up.

Driven by the concept of making timeless, inexpensive, and sustainable products, the team seeks to develop pieces that may become family heirlooms, receiving the same type of accolades both now and forty years from now. Scandi, mid-century, and retro 1970s forms and designs are all represented in Icon by Design’s extensive collection. The perfect find for home decor shopping! 

Temple & Webster

Temple & Webster is a great place to shop, whether you’re looking for high-end furnishings or fashionable yet economical options.

At any given moment, Temple & Webster has over 130,000 goods in store, with a carefully curated assortment that includes anything from low-cost essentials to high-end designer furnishings, making it easy for customers to find something to meet their needs no matter what their budget.

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Zanui, like Temple & Webster, provides a wide choice of products to assist Australians in remodelling their houses. Online, you’ll discover everything you need to decorate your house, from colourful carpets to designer lighting, decorative accessories, and a wide variety of kid’s furniture.

For those wanting to purchase a couch online, Zanui offers lots to choose from. Whether you’re looking for two-seater sofas, chaises, or modular lounges, you’ll find what you need in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials.

Interiors Secret

We all like the work of Hans Wegner, Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames, and Marcel Breuer, but unless you have a fortune to spare, it’s impossible to own anything by these designers. To avoid spending a lot, what can you do to get the premium designer appearance and feel? Insiders Secret is the name of the company.

A fascination with living well and making beautiful living more accessible to Australians is what drives the firm. One day at a time, they’re upending the furniture business, and they’re doing it by violating long-established market price norms. As a customer, you can count on receiving high-end, high-quality furnishings without having to shell out a fortune.


With Brosa, you don’t have to settle for anything except high-quality, designer-style furniture that can withstand the test of time.

A wide selection of products, from beautiful accent chairs to stylish bed frames, clearly demonstrates Brosa’s view that well-designed furniture and décor can be affordably purchased.

Matt Blatt

After a hard day at the office, have you ever fantasised of slipping into your inner-city penthouse and making yourself a martini? You may want to check out Matt Blatt, an online furniture shop.

For good reason, Matt Blatt’s collection evokes images of the Mad Men era and ‘Anna Wintour’s office’. In addition to providing fashionable, high-quality products, the company has a wide selection of high-quality replicas of designer furniture.

It’s the go-to place for interior designers looking for the most up-to-date furniture with a contemporary twist.


If you care about the future of our world and its people, then Koskela’s vision is likely to appeal to you. We can all agree on that. As a company, Koskela is committed to minimising its impact on the environment, and this is evident in their work, the materials they use and their products, as well as their customer service and how they treat one another.

Koskela’s furniture is all built in Australia so that they can maintain a strong contact with the people who make it and know exactly how it’s constructed. 

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