The Best 5 Pajamas for your Work from Home Day

Due to new laws, a curfew, and a partial lockdown, we’re going back to wearing pajamas all day. It is in fact the new sprig fashion trend! 

However, despite popular belief, wearing pajamas does not necessitate being lazy. There are some pajama sets that are made with a loose fit and breathable fabric, making them suitable for spring fashion and all kinds of activities, including sleeping and even working. For a safe at-home dinner party, put on a jacket and heels and wear these to the grocery store.

Styled loungewear and comfortable pyjamas are the new office attire for many people who work from home. Even if you don’t have to dress up for your Zoom meeting, it’s a good idea to look your best in front of your coworkers. This spring fashion season, we have put together some of our favourite pajama sets that will allow you to sleep in comfort all day long. 

1. Desmond & Dempsey Signature pajama Set The Jaguar Print Cream

Desmond & Dempsey’s loose shirt and elasticated shorts keep you comfortable all day and night. This set, which features a jaguar print, exudes a sense of romance while also exuding wild charm, perfect for spring fashion. Despite the fact that we are unable to leave the house much at the moment, it captures a sense of independence.

They’re playing their first-ever game of Dungeons & Dragons. A tailored shirt and shorts from a guy were the starting point when making this set. The shirt skims your thighs, elongating your legs, while the placket sleeves allow you to roll them up with ease for a carefree look.

Shorts are a must-have. The cosiest, feel-good elasticated shorts with a drawstring can be worn high around the waist or on the hips – whatever suits your fancy. The deep pockets and piping strike the perfect aesthetic balance between utility and style.

2. Olivia Von Halle Bella Silk-satin Pajama Set

This silk-satin pyjama set from Olivia Von Halle Bella is perfect for spring fashion. We can already envision ourselves sipping vino or iced tea on the balcony. Springtime sleeveless pyjamas are ideal, and we love them, even more, when they’re made of luxurious silk. These silk-satin pyjamas have a glossy finish and a light ivory colour. The camisole top features a delicate racerback, fine rouleaux straps, and is cut on the bias to enhance its fluid drape. The elasticized waist and side slits on these shorts make them ideal for lounging around the house. An absolute spring fashion trendsetter! 

3. FENDI Printed silk-satin twill pyjama set

Fendi’s iconic “FF” monogram has long been a fan favourite, and now this spring fashion season, it can be yours with this adorable pyjama set. Blue and white checkered print on silk-satin twill gives this set a playful and refined look. It’s comfortable enough to wear as pyjamas, but stylish enough to wear out and about. Wear this with your favourite pair of sneakers for the ultimate urbanite look this spring.

This blue and white pyjama set features a hypnotic version of the ‘Vertigo’ print in a striking colour scheme. It’s made in Italy from silk-satin twill and features a button-fastening top and elasticated shorts with a comfortable, relaxed fit. Always keep it in the case that comes with it and it will be in perfect condition! 

4. Sleeper Woven pyjama set

This Sleeper Woven Pajama Set is ideal for those who prefer pyjamas that are loose-fitting. A more relaxed shape and a lighter weight material were used to update Sleeper’s classic design. This is perfect for spring fashion and lazy days at home, and the soft pink colour will help you sleep peacefully at night. Sleeper’s best-selling pink pyjamas are based on traditional styles but reimagined in a modern silhouette.

They’re perfect for sleeping and travelling thanks to the loose fit and lightweight material. Wear yours with a matching hair ribbon and fluffy mules for a cute look. With Wispri’s price drop tracking extension, you can now get amazing deals and discounts hassle-free! 

5. KEEPS Nile Loungewear Set – Blue

This spring fashion season calls for simplicity combined with finesse. Thailand’s Keeps brand created this Nile Loungewear Set. With brown lapels and pant cuffs, the sky-blue colour is a stunning contrast. In addition to the sleep eye mask, Keeps provides a scrunchie as part of this set. Download Wispri’s price drop tracker and get price drop alerts on your favourite website!

These five gorgeous pyjamas are the ideal sets to wear this spring fashion season. We hope you found the best and the comfiest set for yourself. Beat your Monday blues with these adorable sets!

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