Top 10 autumn fashion trends

Here is our comprehensive guide to this season’s most popular autumn collection trends and budget-friendly ways to pull them off. 

We’ve got you covered from head to toe with the hottest hairstyles, as well as clothing and shoes that are sure to turn heads. 

Here are over 20+ of this season’s best autumn collection fashion trends that you can start wearing right away! 

Intricate shades of Emerald Green

Green is autumn’s most sought-after colour. With that being said, you can’t go wrong with any shade of this hue in clothing and accessories.

This year’s top colour trends include shades of evergreen, army green, and forest green. 

Boldly wear green flared corduroy pants or a bright green shoulder bag to liven up your ensembles. 

Sweater vest 

Sweater vest season has arrived! 

A top trend for this autumn, sleeveless tops come in a variety of fits, from cropped to oversized. A cable-knit design or a classic argyle print are good options. 

A sweater vest can be worn on its own or layered over another shirt for a preppy yet modern look. You can even get this amazing autumn collection sweater vests through Wispri, a price tracker extention and get a major discount! 

Sweaters with Zippers 

Zip-up sweaters are making a comeback this season, thanks to their preppy vibes and similarity to a sweater vest. They are also known as quarter-zips because of the zipper detailing that makes them stand out. 

Style these sweaters with a coat or jacket and fold the collar over the outerwear to show off their best features. 

A Collared Shirt 

Collared and polo shirts have seen a resurgence in popularity this season, and they look and feel good. 

Choosing collared tops with luxe details like ruching down the front, cute buttons, and textured materials is key to nailing this fall’s fashion trend. An eye-catching twist on a classic look can be achieved with the help of these details. Get these perfect autumn collection trendy shirts via Wispri, a price tracker tool at a major discount! 

A pair of straight-leg pants 

Straight-leg silhouettes are all the rage this season, so put away your skinny jeans. 

High-waisted, straight-fitting jeans are all the rage for autumn 2022. Straight-leg jeans are a wardrobe mainstay that can be dressed up or down to your taste and that you’ll get a lot of use out of. 

Workspace jeans

Loose-fitting denim with oversized pockets, contrasting stitching, and other workwear-inspired features are known as “workwear-inspired” jeans, but there is no official name for them. 

Wear them with a cropped cardigan and platform sneakers for a laid-back look this autumn.

Trousers with wide legs

In the past, trousers were mainly worn in the workplace, but that is no longer the case! Wide-leg pants are no longer just for the office, but can be worn for both day and night. 

For a night out, dress them up with a pair of heels and a cropped top, or wear them casually with a pair of sneakers. As long as they’re made of high-rise pants in shades of khaki or grey with a wide leg silhouette, they’ll look great. 

Oversized Blazers 

Everyone should have a blazer in their closet, and this season, the more oversized, the better. Whether you prefer plaid, pinstripes, or faux leather, you’ll be fine in any style. 

For an on-trend look, try pairing an oversized blazer with a crop top or bodycon dress.

Loafers with lug soles

This season, lug soles have taken over all kinds of footwear, including loafers. This retro-inspired style has been given a modern update while still retaining the academic look that we love.

A pair of modern loafers with chunky lug soles and embellishments like metal chainlinks and patent leather with platform heels is a must-have for the autumn collection season. 

For the first time ever, these can be worn with everything from jeans to pleated skirts. 

70s-inspired blowout

This haircut is highlighted by wispy side-swept bangs and round, bouncy layers, but you can style your own hair to achieve a similar result. 

Blow dry your hair with a lot of volume and curl the ends in an outward motion (either with a round brush, curling iron, or flat iron). It’s all about Farrah Fawcett’s iconic 1970s feathered look.

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