Valentine’s for Singletons: the Wines to sip from on this Valentines’ Day

valentine’s for singletonsJust think of how much money you might save by not buying something your significant other would just pretend to like and never use. Two, there’s no need to save at all.  There are several advantages to being alone on Valentine’s Day rather than in a relationship. But the biggest reason of all is that you don’t have to split a bottle of wine with anybody. This is the biggest advantage when it some to valentine for singletons. 

Our greatest selection of wines is reserved only for our non-Day Valentine’s friends, Valentine’s Day haters. To commemorate Love Day, these wines are ideal for those who like a more sarcastic or snarky approach. Whatever the occasion, whether you’re celebrating alone or with a significant other, we’ve put up the perfect wine selection for February 14th.

You may celebrate your love for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, or you can use the occasion to shamelessly profit from the greeting card and flower industry. When it comes to this topic, how single you are is a good indicator of how you feel about it. This list of wines was compiled to help you get through a lonesome Friday night, perfect for valentine’s for singletons.

Mark Ryan “Lonely Heart” Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon: You’re clearly a masochist if you choose this one for valentines for singletons.  While listening to Jeff Buckley and sobbing, we are sure you had enough oysters to feed two people. (valentine’s for singletons)

“No Girls” Grenache : Single? Embrace it. You should enjoy this wine while watching as many reruns of “Top Gear” as you can in your man cave while eating a manly amount of hot wings. No napkins? Your shirt will do. Who needs girls? (valentines for singletons)

Cheap Bastard Basement Red: This Friday, sip on a cheap Bastard Basement Red and reflect on who you’ve become. Why are you alone on Valentine’s Day because of the wine’s name? For your next date, you may try something more expensive than Taco Bell. This is truly a classic wine for Valentine for singletons. (valentine’s for singletons)

Meow Nouveau: Cats are your genuine love and deserve nothing less than the best on Valentine’s Day, which is a time to show them just how much you care about them. Yes, you’ll need a few cases of this wine for cats to ensure there’s enough purry pinot for everyone to enjoy. (valentine’s for singletons)

Allow yourself a minute to forget about the unpleasant task of purchasing a single serving wine glass and ponder the convenience of this wine for solitary persons. You won’t have to do the dishes, you won’t have to worry about wasting wine, and you won’t have somebody to keep you warm in bed afterwards. What a wonderful benefit! (valentine’s for singletons)

Make the most of a peaceful evening at home by serving something from your cellar that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Pour yourself a glass of wine, prepare a delicious meal, and reflect on how lucky you are to have yourselves. Valentine’s for singletons can always go well! 

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