What are some good casual Korean fashion styles?

It’s no wonder that South Korea is increasingly becoming one of the world’s leading fashion icons. Korean fashion styles are being imitated by almost everyone globally. With the popularity of Korean dramas and Kpop music, many people began to pay attention and build their inspiration through these channels. As a result, the influence of Korean fashion styles is now global, and many of its cultural and entertainment influences are seeping into the interests of the western fashion industry. This is particularly prominent in the way K-pop music has been successful abroad, and famous girl groups like Blackpink performed at the Coachella Music Festival. 

Korean entertainment culture, as well as fashion culture, continue to shape what we see as a mainstream trend. So it is not surprising to learn that Seoul Fashion Week, which started in 2013, has become a fad, and there are designers from all over the world flying to South Korea to witness the fashion week. 

As the influence of Korean fashion styles continues to expand around the world, Korean-style clothing has become a wardrobe staple for many people. In this blog, we will look at some suitable casual Korean fashion styles.

  1. Ripped jeans

Koreans take their ripped jeans seriously. It is the perfect casual wear that can take you from day to night. It is a staple in Korean fashion styles. Don’t know how to keep your tattered appearance radiant? The point is to keep everything simple and make jeans the highlight of your outfit. But again, they are jeans, and there are no hard and fast rules on how to wear them. But one thing is certain, wearing them confidently will take your look to the next level. Buy the best ripped jeans at the lowest of prices by using a price tracker website like Wipsri.

2)  Skirts 

The next must-have item in the Korean wardrobe is a skirt. 

Although the clothing is unisex, skirts are part of Korean female culture. Skirts of various lengths are trendy in Korea. It is known that Korean girls like to pair cute tops with short skirts and beautiful shirts with flowing long skirts. 

You can match a shiny skirt with a simple shirt at the dinner party. Long floral skirts are also very popular with Korean girls. Buy your favorite skirts at the lowest of prices by using a price drop alert like Wipsri.

3) Oversized Tops

Korean women’s fashion especially likes their oversized tops. This is one of the Korean fashion styles that stem from a relatively conservative history in fashion. It is rare to find very tight clothes to show off a woman’s body shape because it is considered inappropriate. Therefore, in Korean fashion trends, it is rare to see clothing that also exposes the abdomen or chest. As a result, large shirts have become increasingly fashionable, owing to their modest yet comfortable character. Over time, restrictions on Korean women’s clothing were relaxed, oversized styles were maintained, and minor modifications were made. This includes adding openings at the shoulders and off-the-shoulder styles to show more skin as the trend has become more palatable. 

4) Dress Over Top

Koreans enjoy layering their clothes by wearing a dress over a top. Low-cut dresses are frequently worn over long-sleeved blouses or t-shirts, or a midi dress is worn over a blouse. They just layer their clothes with basic shirts or blouses to make the seductive or body-hugging garment look more modest. What’s the end result? It manages to look trendy and sophisticated while remaining humble enough for everyday use. This is one of the most popular Korean fashion styles. 

5) Checkered Shirt

Koreans bring plaid shirts to life. You can see it is frequently used by the main stars of Kdramas. Many KPop idols also wear it as airport attire or as part of airport fashion. This versatile but basic piece can be worn in many ways; you can tuck them with high-waisted pants, wear them on a warm shirt, or tie them around your waist or shoulders.

6) Blazers

Wearing a suit jacket is no longer as strictly associated with business and work as it used to be. This Korean fashion trend has triggered a new wave of suit jacket styles that are more suitable for everyday wear. Suit jackets are all the rage now because Koreans like to wear these types of garments. The loose jacket makes any outfit more casual because of its invisible characteristics, but it still manages to make the look complete. Many people have begun to wear suit jackets over daily casual wear, such as tight tops and pants. It is a staple in Korean fashion styles. 

7) Puff Sleeves

The puff sleeve fad has come and gone—fashion follows a cycle, after all. This is one of the famous feminine Korean fashion styles as it is a one-of-a-kind statement item that draws attention to your upper half while allowing your top to do all the talking. The length of the sleeve isn’t limited; we’ve seen these balloon-shaped sleeves as little as shoulder length and as long as a quarter sleeve and beyond. The puffed sleeve is the result of a cuff at the end of the sleeve that creates a puffy appearance.

8) Oversized Hoodies

In current Korean fashion styles, sports and leisure are on the increase, notably with the reintroduction of large hoodies. They’re attractive garments that may be worn throughout training or when you just want to look good. You can wear it with sweatpants, jeans, a mini skirt or just as a dress. Put on your favourite sneakers and create a K-fashion look.

9) Turtleneck Plaid Winter Dress

You can turn to the Koreans and look for the fashion inspiration you so badly need; they will never let you down. Plaid shirt skirts can be seen everywhere, but again, because they love their prints so much, they go out of their way, and you should too. You ask why is it a turtleneck sweater? If you notice, Koreans wear short skirts, but their collars are never deep, so keep this in mind, this is a dress for a comfortable winter night. Oh, stockings are another street fashion item that they like.

10) Matching Sets 

One of the best Korean fashion styles is matching sets. Matching with your favourite person has only become stronger, whether it’s as a pair or with your closest friend. Outfit coordination is highly popular and a tangible approach to demonstrate your closeness to one another. The notion of twinning is quite popular, whether it’s to declare your relationship status or to signify your friendship. Friends frequently wear the same clothing or outfits with matching themes. Couples often dress in gender-specific versions of the same clothing. This style is not restricted to Korean fashion dresses; it can also be observed in Chinese and Japanese streetwear.

As the world becomes more aware of the impact of Korean fashion, we see western fashion adopting parts of Asian trends. The fashion trends covered in this list are some of the most popular in Korea, with many of them have been around for a long time. Some Korean fashion styles have persisted in popularity with minor variations throughout the years. 

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