What are some of the best footwear trends for men to wear in 2021

Shoes are an integral part of every ensemble. After all, the correct footwear can make or ruin your appearance in a matter of seconds. So, if you want to seem fashionable, you need to have the proper shoes on hand and need to be informed about the latest footwear trends to complete and complement your outfits. We can, fortunately, lead you and your feet to the correct direction. 

Footwear trends come and go, just like all other fashion fads. The good news is that this season’s fashion and footwear trends aren’t only about how they appear; they’re also about how they feel. Yes, one of the latest footwear trends is comfort, and we’re all glad to follow it. Dress shoes with a sneaker-like sensation are trendy. Shoes that are lighter, more cushioned, and more flexible are all the rage. Hybrid designs, which blend dress shoe uppers with sneaker-like cup bottoms, and shoes with mixed materials and textures, such as smooth leather and suede or nubuck, are among the latest fashion trends. Wedge soles, bright hues, and stacked heels are among the other fashion trends.

Have you ever heard the term “pants-to-shoe ratio” before? While this phrase refers to the way your pants rest on your ankle at first look, shoes are also crucial in establishing a good first impression on your peers. Even if you’re dressed casually in jeans and a tee, your shoes will make or ruin your look. 

Here we have whittled down a selection of footwear trends for men to wear in 2021

1) Minimalist Sneakers

The all-white trainer from Common Projects has been trending for a time now. These have been on top of the most popular footwear trends for a long time. 

The clean and classic minimalist shoe trend is now a fan favourite since it can be dressed up or down with high-end tailoring and athleisure or casual jeans. As a result, white sneakers are a must-have in any man’s collection. If you’re looking for a pair, the Greats Royale, original Vans, or Grand Crosscourt II are all popular and cheap alternatives. 

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2) Brogue

The brogue, like many other styles of dress shoes, was designed to be a considerably more practical shoe than the way we wear them now. Brogues were designed with holes and perforations to assist drain water after crossing bogs and marshes in muddy Ireland. We now regard the brogue with a bit more reverence. When you’re wearing these, perhaps you won’t end yourself knee-deep in muck. Dark brown brogues are appropriate for formal events, while lighter brogues are appropriate for everyday use. Black brogues go well with suits, but don’t overdo it and wear them to a black-tie event. When shopping for brogues, keep in mind that the more broguing on the shoe, the less formal it is.

3) Tech Runners

Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0, which are basically self-lacing sneakers and cost $750, marked a significant advancement in sneaker technology in 2016. It’s like something out of Back to the Future.

This type of cutting-edge technology distinguishes the sneaker movement as more than simply a fad but rather a model that will influence the footwear industry and footwear trends in the coming years and decades. Many tech runner designs, like Brunello Cucinelli’s leather-trimmed, stretch-knit shoes, are suitable for casual dress.

4) Leather Boots

The beauty of a leather boot is that it begins to tell a narrative with prolonged use. Every man’s winter wardrobe should include a pair of leather lace-up boots. For a more informal, edgier look, choose an ankle-high black or dark brown boot and cuff your jeans. For a more conventional style, slip your pants over the top of the boots. If you get a good pair, they will last you for years. Leather boots are probably one of those footwear trends that can never go out of style.  

5) Chunky Sole Sneakers

A direct counter to the minimalist shoe movement is the maximalist bulky or chunky sneakers, often known as dad trainers or ugly sneakers. This style is currently being embraced by brands ranging from Balenciaga and Gucci to Nike and New Balance. They aren’t attractive, with the worst of them using garish colours to push these brick-like shapes into unpleasant territory.

However, despite all of the flaws in this trend, there are a few bright spots. If you want to try out the thick sole sneaker style, choose a shoe with a sleek shape upper and a solid or neutral colour scheme. It will assist in grounding the entire design and tone down the hefty sole.

6) Loafer

The loafer, which originated in Scandinavia, has evolved into the sartorial flair of preppy culture and is now a streamlined shoe design. Low and lace-free, loafers are a staple of smart casual attire and a beloved summer shoe style. Brown loafers will go with a variety of colour schemes and may be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Navy is also a great hue to pair with whites, beiges, and greens. If you’re looking for a pair of loafers to go with neutrals, beige is a good choice because it enhances tanned skin.

7) Logo sneakers 

It’s only fitting that high fashion uses big logos splashed over the front of their shoes to shout their brand name from the rooftops. It’s a matter of social standing. These are the coolest footwear trends for some. 

If you’re going to wear this style, go for some New Balances; they’ll cost you a fraction of the price of a pair of Gucci, Prada, or Givenchy sneakers, and they’re a tried and true classic. Golden Goose’s ultra-casual, skateboard-inspired design shoe is another fantastic alternative. Wispri’s price drop tracker is the easiest way to get notified whenever there is a price drop alert. 

So there you go! These are some of the best and most popular footwear trends for men to wear in 2021, and these will probably even go beyond that. 

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