Why is Wispri great as an Amazon price drop tracker?

What is an Amazon price drop tracker?

Why is Wispri great as an Amazon price drop tracker? In simple terms, an amazon price drop tracker is a software or a tool used for tracking the price fluctuations of products and sends notifications in case of a drop or increase in price. Besides, they help you compare the prices of various products to get the best price for your favourite product. Given below are some things that you should keep in mind while choosing price tracking software. 

The tool must:

  • Offer you a complete view of your pricing changes
  • Include mobile applications or have a chrome extension
  • Should allow you to track any particular product on Amazon and must not be restricted to a selection of items

Whether you are selling or buying the product on Amazon, it’s essential to keep track of the product prices. Instead of checking the product details page now and then, a few Amazon price trackers will help you track the price changes.

Let us take a look at the best pricing trackers available in the market.

What are some of the reputed amazon price drop trackers?


camelcamelcamel is a popular and effective Amazon price tracking software on the market. Easy use and unlimited statistics are a few of the notable and handy features of this software. It also comes as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

This amazon price drop tracker tool will show you Amazon price history charts for a plethora of Amazon products. Besides, you may set up an alert when your product experiences a dip in price. 

This product is free to use. You need to register and get price drop alerts or stay anonymous and watch price alerts on your newsreader.

This Amazon pricing tracker supports various marketplaces in multiple countries.


The Honey price drop extension is available on Google Chrome and many different web browsers. It looks for a much better product price by comparing from multiple retailers, including Amazon. You can create a drop-list that notifies you if the prices drop for an item on your list. Honey, as an amazon price drop tracker, provides exclusive free services to its users. In addition to tracking prices based on your product search history, it will also find promo codes for whatever items you are looking for. Honey is available on web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari. Besides, Honey will find promo codes and apply them to your cart automatically when you’re shopping on a retailer’s website.


Keep has a smooth & user-friendly interface, and once you sign up for their free trial, you may be able to access nearly all of the features. However, you might need the premium version to access their price increase alerts, or you might also opt for their monthly subscription. Using their plugin, you can access essential product details like price history data, used and new items, category details, best sellers list, etc.

Based in Europe, this amazon price drop tracker works across many different countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, European countries, the UK, and America. You can also add their plugin to your web browser, which is available for almost all web browsers.


Earny is slightly different from the other amazon price drop trackers. Earny will track your purchases and alert you when the price of the product that you bought drops. 

How does Earny work- It will scan your emails to search for previously purchased items so you can price-track items off of Amazon or on other online stores. It consolidates a database of all online transactions that you have made and features all the store receipts that you received in your email.

One of the really good things about Earny is that you can get a cashback on the products you’ve already purchased if their prices have gone down. You will get a discount on the difference for a product you have already bought if Earny finds that the price has decreased. You can easily avoid the frustration of seeing the item going on sale just the next day after you have purchased it at a total price. Of course, the app is not entirely free, and you need to pay the subscription cost to access the premium features. The major drawback of this amazon price drop tracker is that you

Why is Wispri great as an Amazon price drop tracker?

Wispri will monitor your favourite product and send you an alert when the product is at a price you like. There is so much chaos out there, so many deals dropping each day, we understand that it can get overwhelming to desperately keep looking for prices dropping on the products that you wish to purchase. We simplify the process for you. Wispri is an advanced online price monitoring engine that uses web crawlers to monitor and report price changes on different websites. Or, in simpler terms, we watch your product like a hawk till it hits the price you want. We are a small team of tech geeks who love to build products that offer genuine value.

How is wispri better than other amazon price drop trackers in the market?

While hunting for deals on products ourselves, we realized that there was nothing that tracked prices of individual product deals: a few hundred lines of code later, we launched Wispri to overcome that issue. And we constantly keep improving it to make it better. We are partnering with more brands each day to bring you exclusive deals.

How do amazon price drop trackers work?

Assume there is an application, e.g., travel websites that sell tickets to users. More simply, if you’re looking for access to the Place A to Place B route when the price is below a certain amount, then you should be alerted. A price drop tracker has an API that shows you the cost of that route whenever you check. There must be another API, who monitors that price every 1 second, and if the price has met the target amount set by you, you receive a notification through Email/ SMS, etc.

Another simple example is a stock market application where you would like to get alerted if X’s price goes above 500$ or goes below 300$. This works on the same logic, and there must be some APIs running in parallel to monitor the prices of stocks at a specific interval of time. If the target amount has been met, then you will receive an alert. Some applications send signals for something that doesn’t belong to them directly.

There is a concept called Metasearch engine that is a travel aggregation application that tracks prices of plane tickets from different other websites. So they must have some API access to those sites from where they are fetching the ticket prices, or they must have a Web scraping kind of API that brings data from those sites. Now that travel aggregation application needs to run an API continuously to check those data against user-provided alert data; If there is a price drop, then send an alert to that user.

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