8 Winter 2021 Fashion Trends To Invest In Now

Winter is well and fully on its approach, whether we like it or not. As we prepare for the chilly season’s arrival and welcome fall, we may take comfort in the wide range of fashion trends for winter 2021.

Of course, summer style reigns supreme when it comes to season dressing, but thanks to trend spotting on the catwalk and in the streets during fashion month, winter ensembles may finally be getting their due.

Look no farther than what the industry’s who’s who have been wearing when it comes to which fashion we should swoon over.

There’s everything from very bright colours like hot pink and lime green to fun patterned tights and luxury jackets to round off any winter look.

Here are 8 winter 2021 fashion trends to invest in now.

1) Knits

This one may seem self-evident, but it’s all about choosing more distinctive sweaters to help you stand out. Knits are ideal for layering in the cold. Ribbed knit dresses are absolutely great for this season as well if you prefer a one-piece appearance.

Wearing your knits with jeans is one of the most popular fashion trends and a casual way to style a knot. For the ultimate layered outfit that stands out from the crowd, layer a short sleeve knit over a dress and styled the pieces with a jacket and boots. The most important thing to learn is don’t be afraid to shop from the men’s section. A no-sleeve knit is ideal for layering over a simple dress. In our opinion, clothing is genderless.

2) Cottagecore

One of the current favourite fashion trends is the cottagecore fashion aesthetic which is defined by grandma-chic elements like doily lace and puff sleeves, and it revolves on a “cottage,” or countryside, atmosphere, as the name indicates. A flowing silhouette and prairie skirts, or anything you’d wear while gardening or putting clothes to a clothesline with a meadow in the background is cottagecore.  

The romanticization of Western agriculture and a return to the essence of feminine prairie life is where the now-famous #cottagecore got its start. To put it another way, ditch the confining jeans in favour of the loveliest outfit you can find for playing in the nearby stream.

3) Puff Sleeves

The Bridgerton craze may have passed us by, but the fashion industry is only now catching up. It’s only natural that puff sleeves are the latest must-have now that Regencycore has entered the fashion industry. Fendi’s famous oversized balloon sleeves, which echoed across street style offerings, had us practising our curtsies. H&M and Zara have some very affordable puffy-sleeved garments. Make sure to download Wispri’s price drop tracker to get notified whenever there is a price drop alert on your favourite website. 

4) Leather

The workhorse fabric is a no-brainer when it comes to winter clothing, from Versace to Ferragamo. Whether you go for buttery soft leather or a slouchy trouser, they’ll give your oversized sweater collection a new lease of life. Leather is definitely one of those garments that is included in all fashion trends. It gives off major sexy vibes. Whether it is a leather jacket or some leather pants, leather can never not look good.  

5) Vest Layering

Sweater vests aren’t exactly new on the scene, as fashionistas would attest. After making headlines previously as one of the top fashion trends, individuals in the Southern Hemisphere have had to wait for a colder environment to take advantage of the trend. Now that the runways of fashion week have spoken, the knit is unmistakably here to stay. For an oh-so-chic look, layer it over a midi skirt like Jason Wu, Bevza, and PH5. Inexpensive alternatives are also available on Amazon and Shein. Wispri’s price drop extension will help you keep track whenever the pieces are at a discounted rate. 

6) Slip-Ons

Essentially a full-body stocking, skin-tight bodycon dresses are all the rage this chilly season. Slip dresses are one of the sexiest fashion trends that has been going around. Following a year of no touching, a hug in the form of clothing is more than welcome. Layer them up with oversized blazers or commit to wearing one on its own, and to take your shapely numbers from the boardroom to the bar, choose elevated fabrics and knee or calf-length styles.

7) Cut-Outs 

Cut-outs are clearly here to stay, being one of the new fashion trends in 2021. The eye-catching shapes made the rounds throughout fashion week. Cut-outs of all types are here to stay, from soft knits with discreet cut-outs down the chest at ANDREĀDAMO to open-mesh patterns that gave way to flower-adorned lattice gowns at Valentino. 

8) Plaid

Perhaps we’re all drawn to old American mainstays like plaid, but that doesn’t imply designers are looking at them through the same perspective. The restrictions no longer apply when it comes to wearing tartans on skirts with leathers or checks on Japanese jackets. Plaid is one of the oldest fashion trends that has continued till now and will probably be in trend one way or the other for more years to come. 

We all know summer fashion trends are on a whole nother level. However, winter fashion trends keep getting better and better. These 8 amazing 2021 winter fashion trends show how versatile, comfy and sexy winter fashion can be. 

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